What Mother Nature’s Cycles Can Teach Us About Transitions


As we come upon the Spring Equinox in nature, which represents moving from shorter to longer days and moving from a season of restoration into one of rebirth, we’re sharing a series of blogs about transitions. What are they? When do they happen? What do they mean for you?


April is one of my favorite months and not just because my name is April. 

April is associated with new beginnings, blossoming and rebirth. It’s the beginning of spring for the Western Hemisphere, a time when both plants and animals come out of hibernation into rebirth, transforming from one state into another. 

In the Christian faith, April also represents the resurrection of Christ. Another “death” followed by life.

Whether you find signs and inspiration in science, faith, or both, April is the month of phenomenal transitions. 

Interestingly, so am I.


Regeneration and Rebirth

I am constantly in a state of transition. I transition between my feminine and masculine energies throughout every day (you do, too, more on that here). As an entrepreneur, I transition between multiple businesses. As a woman, I transition between numerous types of relationships and caregiving roles. As a spiritual being, I continually transition into higher and different versions of myself. 

While all humans experience numerous transitions every day and year of their life, the transition from winter to spring is as meaningful for us as it is for nature. 

Right now, I’m experiencing that transition. 

I’ve mentioned before that I love living in different places, in different cities. Most recently, I moved to Nashville. While I finally have my place together (nearly everything was broken during the move), I am still in a place of hibernation. I am still in a winter place. 

Hibernation, or regeneration, happens when we need some time to rest and restore. To me, it feels like nesting. You know, feeling good and grounded in your house, cozy sweaters, hot tea by the fire, homecooked, heavy foods that you might pass on during summer…

Nature hibernates every winter. And, while humans can’t actually hibernate, we do move into a more restorative state during winter. We tend to:

  • Sleep more 
  • Spend more time contemplating what we need, what we’ve done, where we’re going, etc.
  • Spend more time at home
  • Spend more time in solitude 

We do this so that in spring, much like plants and animals, we can blossom, or come back to life.
While I spent quite a bit of my winter nesting in my new home and contemplating strategies and ideas for my new business, as we move into spring, those ideas are ready to come to fruition. 

I need time to rest and restore so that when I’m ready to bloom, I have the energy to do it.

So do you.


Heart Opening

Your heart chakra, which is located near your heart in the center of your chest, is all about showing compassion and love for others as well as yourself. 

It’s represented by an open, 12-petaled lotus flower. Each of the petals symbolizes an element of the heart:

  • Peace
  • Forgiveness
  • Kindness
  • Bliss
  • Love
  • Harmony
  • Empathy
  • Purity
  • Understanding
  • Clarity
  • Compassion
  • Unity

As the flowers open for us in April, I like to envision the opening of the 12-petaled lotus as I open my own heart. Sometimes it’s to forgive myself and others, which is part of my daily meditation practice. Other times, opening my heart means finding compassion for someone who has harmed me, or uniting the ideas that I’ve had during the restorative season with action. 

When you journey into rebirth with an open heart, your spirit expands. You attract all that you need and all that you want. 


Moving Toward Your Light 

In some cultures, April’s full moon is known as the Sprouting Grass Moon or the Growing Moon because this is traditionally when new grass starts growing. 

What does grass need to grow? What do we need to grow?


During the transition from regeneration to rebirth, nature invites us into the light both metaphorically and literally. Stepping into your own “light” means stepping into your joy.

We’ve all seen little kids do this. They look up at something that’s utterly fascinating—a bird, a magic trick, a snowflake—and they just light up. This is joy. When adults lead with an open heart, the things that often hold us back from joy—responsibilities, frustrations, obligations—release.

Spring naturally brings more light into your life. Take it!

We have spent the last few months restoring: Getting more sleep, thinking about what we want, spending time with loved ones, “hunkering down.” Now, it’s time to open up and see what’s out there. 

Ready to see what your spring can bring? Follow us on social to find out. 

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