Vixen Values Gathering

Three 90-minute sessions with four other women can change your life. Especially when that means walking away with core values that motivate everything you do.


“Know thyself.”

So simple, yet so profound, this quote from the Oracle of Delphi was inscribed at the entrance of a temple where Grecians went to discover their destiny. And yet, the answer always was, it's right inside of you.

So what does the Values Gathering include?

During your three, 90-minute live group sessions, we'll help you discover and start using your core values to live the life that you want.  

This experience also includes:

  • Three live group sessions via Zoom

  • A community of like-minded women
  • Three-month access to our live all things Vixen Q&A with our founding Vixen, April Roberts

  • Bonus Vixen Happy Hour, a live Q&A with your favorite beverage
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

The Power of Core Values 

You make an average of 35,000 decisions a day—a day! In the Vixen Values Gathering, you, our founding Vixen, April Roberts, and a few other women will eliminate decision fatigue by creating unshakable core values that will guide your every decision. 

After this gathering, those 35,000 decisions will feel like 3,500. When your decisions align with your values, knowing where to say yes, no and maybe becomes much easier.

What can unwavering core values do for you?

Hey, April here. Not only did defining my three personal core values make decision making about 1,000 times easier, it also gave me back my power and helped me live more authentically. 

After these sessions, my fellow Vixens can clearly articulate who they are and what they want. They rediscover themselves or "know thyself" allowing them to fulfill their destiny.

Hold onto your hat, your bra, your husband, your job because Vixen will disrupt whatever it is you think you need today. 


"I have been in many situations where acceleration was promised. Some came to fruition. Some did not. Vixen delivers. In my first hour with April, I realized that--even though I thought I was doing really well--how I'm living and who I am are misaligned. Essentially, there's no bullshit here. If you truly want to transform your life, Vixen makes it yours for the taking. April guides the transformation and the other women in the group support it sheerly because they're incredible. Once you see other incredible women struggle with things that are clearly not supporting them to be their best selves, it's much easier to turn the mirror on yourself." 

Ivy Hughes

Liza Palmer

Wow, what an eye and heart-opener! 

"April and Vixen have awakened my sense of self, guided my path toward self-love, and are constantly teaching me the importance of the journey.

I personally have been part of the Vixen Values Gathering and it’s truly a safe space. You are given the opportunity to strip yourself of the bullshit - knowing that these women have your back and will be there for you through it all (tears, laughter, you name it!).

Thank you, April for this wonderful platform and for your endless wisdom and guidance!"

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Gatherings are offered twice a year and fill quickly.

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