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001: Welcome to the Vixen Voice with April Roberts

006: How Human Design Can Transform Your Life with Kiera Doyle

010: Redefining Success and Paving Your Own Path In Life with Lacey Pruett

011: How to Know, Define and Own Your Personal Core Values

Align your life, live in authenticity, and reconnect with your peace, joy, & love.

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Meet your host

Hi! I'm April. I've lived a few lives -- a marriage, 3 careers and a successful business for 15 years that I recently sold. In 2020, as with many of us, I felt called to move on. To make an impact in a different way.

So, I spent the time from April - November of 2020 running my financial practice, launching a support business to that practice, and figuring out what my "next" was going to be. During this time I asked a lot of people for help (something new for me), meditated and prayed daily, and became a Vixen at time management. 

I also talked to a lot of my fellow female entrepreneurs. And, it seemed that many of us were drowning in this new life. It also felt like every day, women were leaving corporate America or their jobs and seeking something new -- a better balance, more ownership of their lives.

Thus, the idea of the Vixen Gathering was born. You see, I come from a family of entrepreneurs, and I'd been one for 12 years at that point. One thing I knew to be true was that the "entrepreneur roller coaster" was real.  Many of us thrived on it, but if you didn't know how to ride that wave, burn out was often around the corner.

I realized that my next purpose was to help guide the new female entrepreneurs through this journey -- to create a space where they could raise their money mindset, increase their income, and own their worth. One thing I know about us women is that we like to do it our way -- so this journey would also need to lead us to feel joy, peace and love every day on top of the abundance we would reap for ourselves and our families.



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