055: Unfiltered Conversations on Dating After 40 with Shelle Vernon and Laura Richards

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In this uplifting and candid episode of The Vixen Voice, I'm joined by Laura Richards, a bestselling author and podcast host of That’s Where I’m At, and Shelle Vernon, my good friend, entrepreneur and co-facilitator of the Vixen Mastermind. Together, we're diving into the complexities of dating after divorce, the unexpected turns of mid-life, and the importance of laughter and friendship.

Whether you're navigating the dating scene or looking for camaraderie in life's second act, this episode offers a blend of humor, real-life advice, and heartfelt discussions.


Who are Shelle Vernon and Laura Richards?

Laura Richards is a bestselling author renowned for her insightful book, There Is Hope: 52 Keys to Healing After Divorce, which has resonated with readers across the globe for its empowering messages and practical advice. Beyond her literary achievements, Laura is the dynamic host of That’s Where I’m At, a global podcast that offers a platform for open discussions on healing, growth, and the everyday challenges of moving forward after a significant life change.

 Shelle Vernon is a remarkable leadership development coach, well known for her innovative approach to guiding senior executives, high-performing individuals, and teams toward unprecedented success. But that's not all – her impact extends beyond the boardroom, as she also empowers college and high school students with the tools to embark on their leadership journeys.


Key Takeaways 

  • Hear about our personal experiences and perspectives on dating, including the awkward and hilarious moments encountered along the way
  • The importance of self-love, empowerment, and the journey to finding happiness within oneself post-divorce
  • The power of female friendship and support networks in navigating life's ups and downs
  • The vital role that humor plays in the healing process after divorce
  • The importance of embracing flexibility in one's approach to dating, friendships, and self-expectations



Mic Drop Moments

  • “I'm preparing to be discovered. I'm not finding them; they're going to discover me.” – Shelle Vernon
  • When you love yourself enough, you're not going to settle.– Laura Richards
  • I plan to live to 124, so at 47, I'm just getting started!– April Roberts



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