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4 Steps to Own Your Worth & Elevate Your Money Mindset

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Money—our relationship with it is deeply rooted in our upbringing, experiences, and beliefs. Yet, for many of us, discussing money can feel uncomfortable or even taboo. However, if we truly want to own our worth and elevate our money mindset, we must confront our past, set empowering goals for the future, and cultivate positive feelings around wealth. Here are four steps to guide you on this transformative journey:

1. Reflect

Take a moment to reflect on your earliest memories of money. What was your first encounter with it? How did your parents or other influential adults talk about money when you were a child? Can you recall a time when money flowed effortlessly into your life, as well as moments when you struggled to make ends meet? Being honest with yourself about your past experiences with money is the first step toward understanding your current mindset.

2. Be Honest

Facing your current financial reality can be daunting, but it's a crucial step toward growth. Take stock of your income over the past few years and your current financial situation. How much did you take home two years ago? What about last year? And how much do you currently have in your bank account? Remember, honesty is key here—there's no judgment, only an opportunity to assess where you stand and identify areas for improvement.

3. Dream

Now, let's shift our focus to the future. What are your income goals for the next three years? What about this year specifically? And what is the highest amount of money you believe you can make in a single year? Dream big and allow yourself to envision a future where financial abundance is not only possible but inevitable.

4. Feel

Lastly, take a moment to tune into your emotions surrounding money. How does it feel when you look at your income from last year? What emotions arise when you think about your income goal for this year? And how does it feel to imagine achieving the highest income you believe you can make in a year? Make a list of both the positive and negative feelings associated with each scenario. Then, focus on reinforcing the positive emotions and actively working to flip the negative ones.

Pro Tip: Start Small

One simple yet powerful action you can take to shift your money mindset is to check your bank account regularly. A client of mine saw significant increases in her revenue in just 12 weeks by making this her first step. By monitoring your finances daily, you become more aware of your money flow and can begin to cultivate a healthier relationship with wealth—one small step at a time.

In conclusion, owning your worth and elevating your money mindset is a journey that begins with self-reflection, honesty, dreaming big, and embracing your emotions. By confronting your past, setting empowering goals for the future, and cultivating positive feelings around money, you can transform your relationship with wealth and step into a future of abundance and prosperity.


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