088: Feeling Alignment, Love and Creating Heaven on Earth with Daniel Prok, Author, Movie Star, Comedy Actor and Earth Angel

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Have you ever had a moment where you just knew you were meant to create something? Like it just came so easily, and you knew so clearly that you were meant to do it?

In this episode, Daniel Prok and I explore the themes of love, creativity, and the pursuit of a harmonious and fulfilling life. Daniel shares his journey of discovering his passion for acting, filmmaking, and writing, and how it led him to channel the 'Book of Love' and other divine messages. 

He discusses the concept of 'heaven on earth' and the importance of love, health, wealth, wisdom, and freedom in creating a harmonious existence. The conversation also touches on the awakening to the manipulation of society and the power of focusing on a beautiful and wonderful life. 

You are worthy of love, and you can condition your mind to see more of it in your life. 


Key Takeaways with Daniel Prok

00:00 Daniel’s pivotal story

07:43 Channeling the idea of his story of writing the books of Heaven on Earth

12:41 Not everything is explainable, and that is okay. 

14:24 There is peace in every moment. How can we find it?

16:21 How to live with your heart

19:00 The 5 states of being, and how they can help us raise our vibrations 

22:23 April’s experience infusing more love into her life through her healing practices

28:45 Why the news and negativity are addictive

33:02 Why it is improtant to focus on what you are giving energy to

38:34 The power of coming together and creating peace. How this relates to business and community

43:38 How to realign yourself when you are feeling out of balance. 

52:24 The power of surrendering 

Who is with Daniel Prok


Daniel Prok is a God and Jesus loving life coach, actor, writer and leader who is helping create Heaven on Earth. He resides in La Jolla, California and Sedona, Arizona.

There are now 7 Books in THE BOOKS OF HEAVEN ON EARTH. Get them now and Create Heaven on Earth for Everyone!


Inspiring Quotes 

“God only makes perfect things… see yourself that way.”



Get the Audiobooks and resources: https://linktr.ee/danprok

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