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063: AI Beginner Tips For Everyday Entrepreneurs with Megan Factor and Marissa Brassfield

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Knowing how to correctly prompt and train Artificial Intelligence tools like ChatGPT can make or break your experience. A well-thought-out prompt will give you better, creative, and on-brand results, while simple prompts often provide generic results or incorrect answers and solutions.

In today’s Vixen Panel, I’m thrilled to be joined by two guests who are AI experts. Megan Factor has developed an impressive and effective AI prompt catalog, and Marissa Brassfield is a highly sought-after AI advisor and efficiency coach. They’ll be sharing tips to better understand how to use AI in a way that allows you to get the most out of it to save time (and money!) in your business.

If you’re ready to start putting AI to work for you in a way that aligns with your business and life as an entrepreneur, you’ll want to tune in for this episode.


Who Are Megan Factor and Marissa Brassfield?

Megan Factor has "in the trenches" experience with how we use AI and has developed a highly effective "prompt catalog" with best practices for prompting AI in different content scenarios. She would likely be a better panelist if you'd like a perspective of active, everyday use. We may also be willing to share our prompt catalog with your listeners as an exclusive offer

Marissa Brassfield a highly sought after AI advisor, efficiency coach, and work-life balance specialist who's trained hundreds of entrepreneurs, team leaders, and startups in 20+ countries.

Marissa has over 15 years of experience growing visionary businesses by partnering with global leaders, Fortune 100 executives, and maverick entrepreneurs. This includes 8.5 years with Peter Diamandis building Abundance 360, an annual program (acquired by Singularity University in 2018) that teaches entrepreneurs how to forecast the implications of emerging technologies.

Marissa specializes in sharing practical, tactical wisdom that enables professionals to navigate technological change with grace, confidence, and effectiveness.


Key Takeaways 

  • Keeping up with advancements in the business world
  • Getting creative with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Using ChatGPT for ideation and research
  • Understanding how to use AI prompts
  • The Uncanny Valley of generic AI results
  • AI for strategy development & feedback
  • The best AI tools for writers
  • When is it “right” to use AI?
  • Improving daily routines & travel with AI
  • Repurposing existing content with AI


Mic Drop Moments

  • I've had some very long prompts in AI but I have noticed that the more effort you put into a quality prompt, the better the quality of the result.” – Megan Factor
  • Any level of divergence from the language you implicitly use within your organization and with your community has to be baked into your prompt in AI or else your content will be generic as well.” – Marissa Brassfield
  • “Using AI is a shift in strategy: it helps us get past that starting friction of whatever the project is. It gives us something to react to and edit.” – Megan Factor
  • There is a lot of writing that we do in our day that is not creative and heartfelt. We write emails, we make agendas, we write text messages. And those are some of the biggest ways you can save time using AI.” – Marissa Brassfield
  • One of my biggest tips is using AI for travel and fun things. I think delightful is the perfect word for it because it's so surprising to get something that's tailor-made for you, not from a human.” – Megan Factor




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