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066: Designing Your Workspace for Wellness with Aletheia Ida

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When designing the perfect workspace, it usually starts with a vision. Many people tend to focus on things like beautiful furniture, fun decor pieces, and wall colors. However, very few consider one important factor: our well-being.

From picking materials like glass and metal that can't settle the vibrational energies to furniture that doesn't provide proper ergonomic support, there's a lot to learn about how our working environment affects our health and productivity. That's why I'm so excited to be joined by an expert to help solve the puzzle by adding the missing piece to a productive and enjoyable workspace.

Aletheia Ida is the founder of Design and Architecture, LLC, an award-winning architect whose firm specializes in creating beautiful and healthy workspaces for high-performing entrepreneurs.

In our conversation, she shares a framework for designing a space that benefits your body and mind with cost-effective solutions. You'll also learn the warning signs that changes are needed, the best materials to use, and how to minimize distractions at work. So brace yourself—you might end up redecorating your entire office after listening to this episode!


Who Is Aletheia Ida?

Aletheia Ida is an award-winning architect and the founder and owner of Aletheia Ida Design and Architecture, LLC, (AIDA, LLC), a firm specializing in the creation of beautiful, healthy, and sustainable homes and workspaces for high-performing female entrepreneurs and professionals.

With over 25 years of experience in practice and academia, Aletheia brings a depth and breadth of knowledge to residential design and construction, as well as expertise in material science, environmental building technology, and climate-based design.

Aletheia is passionate about creating beautiful homes and workspaces for her clients and dedicated to her mission to serve others and support an overall improvement in the health of our environments.


Key Takeaways 

  • When a work environment is wrong for you
  • Understanding the impact of your work on society
  • The role of relationships in career choices
  • Balancing womanhood and the business world
  • Designing your workspace to benefit you
  • The best materials to use in an office
  • Environmental factors that affect our work
  • Understanding your biorhythm
  • Aesthetics are more than the visual environment
  • Separating work life from home life
  • Proactively getting rid of distractions


Mic Drop Moments

  • “As a young woman, I thought I needed more expertise, credentials, knowledge, to prove that I could do this… but ultimately I said now is the right time.” – Aletheia Ida
  • “We need to make better decisions for our built environment and our interior spaces so that we can enjoy life more and be healthier.” – Aletheia Ida
  • “Aesthetics isn’t just the visual environment, it ties into the phenomenal logical aspects of the environment. It touches all your senses and your spiritual side.” – Aletheia Ida




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