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083: Balancing Work & Kids Over the Summer Break with Sara Heald and Dr. Diana Singleton

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The end of the school year brings a new set of challenges for entrepreneurial moms. Summer camps are great but usually only fill a small portion of summer plans. And if you’re working from home, balancing work obligations with the kids around with new routines can be stressful.

So today, I invited two busy moms and incredibly talented businesswomen to share how they prepare for their kids being home for the summer. Sara Heald is the founder of Sara in the City and an event planner who has mastered time management. Dr. Diana Singleton is passionate about helping even the busiest women & moms prioritize their health.

In our insightful panel discussion, Sara and Diana are sharing practical strategies to make the most of your summers with your little ones. From exploring childcare options at your local gym to leveraging the power of Facebook groups, they will guide you in creating a flexible schedule that suits your needs. This episode is your key to transforming your summer plans into a manageable reality!


Who are Sara Heald and Dr. Diana Singleton?

Sara Heald is a wife, mother of two, and the founder of Sara In The City (a corporate event planning business based out of Houston). After becoming a stay-at-home mom during the pandemic, she took on the challenge of entrepreneurship. Not only did she exceed all her business goals within the first year, but she also managed to continue dedicating herself to her family wholeheartedly.

Now, with over 20+ years of event planning experience, she helps people create unique experiences that their guests will remember while fulfilling clients’ business goals.

Diana Singleton PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS is passionate about helping pregnant and postpartum women get back to exercise, intimacy, and daily activities without pain, leaks, having to stop activities, or being told it will eventually get better. Diana understands pregnant and postpartum women want to enjoy their lives!

She founded Reclaim Your Strength Physical Therapy because of her disappointment with how women are treated in our healthcare system. She has seen too many women suffer from urinary leaks, painful sex, as well as pelvic and vaginal discomfort.

Diana earned her undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Massachusetts Lowell. She then went on to achieve her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Franklin Pierce University in Concord, NH.


Key Takeaways 

  • Staying consistent through shifts in routine
  • Keeping up momentum with kids around
  • Preparing at work to protect your time off
  • Finding summer childcare options
  • Balancing work & spending time with kids
  • Focusing on health during the summer
  • Tips to plan summer events


Mic Drop Moments

  • “I try to keep my routine as similar as I can as we go into the summer. I keep my morning routine, meditation, and get some exercise in. What changes in the summer is having to be more flexible.” – Diana Singleton
  • “I built in intentional time with no plans, because I think it’s important for the kids to have time to do nothing.” – Sara Heald
  • “There’s lots of time in the day, and if you need to segment out a certain amount of hours to do your job, then just make sure that you’re really present the rest of the time.” – Sara Heald
  • “Have a plan for yourself to get nutrient-dense foods and protein throughout the week too, and not just nibble on Froot Loops. Prioritize the food you have available, even if there are more snacks around.” – Dr. Diana Singleton




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