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028: Empowering Women Over 40 to Embrace Their Authentic Selves with Beckie Kullberg

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It’s no secret that many women deal with confidence issues, especially with their bodies and physical appearance. Oftentimes, women feel like they have to be perfect to be good or worthy. But today’s guest would tell you that “perfect is boring.”

Beckie Kullberg is a certified High-Performance Coach on a mission to empower women over 40 to embrace their true selves and discover their inner athlete. After living with an eating disorder for 25 years, she helps other women believe that true beauty and strength come from within.

I just loved this conversation with Beckie and how genuine and vulnerable she was. She shared how she dealt with her image nemesis and reminds us that nobody is perfect and how beautiful we really are once we accept that.

We’ll also dig into her entrepreneurial journey and decision to make a career change and become a solopreneur. We also discussed how being authentic, the difference between mimicry and mastery is even more rewarding and can lead to greater results.


Who Is Beckie Kullberg?

Beckie Kullberg is a passionate and dedicated coach who is on a mission to empower women over 40 to embrace their true selves and discover their inner athlete. Her coaching journey is driven by the belief that true beauty and strength come from within, and it's not just about how you look, it’s how you feel on the inside that shines outwardly.

As a certified High Performance Coach with years of experience, Beckie has dedicated herself to understanding the unique challenges and aspirations that women over 40 face in their pursuit of body acceptance and self-confidence.

Her journey began with my own personal struggles and triumphs, which fueled my desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others.


Key Takeaways 

  • How Beckie developed an eating disorder
  • The fear of being alone as a solopreneur
  • How to work on self-love and deal with your image nemesis
  • Why finding your inner athlete is a mindset
  • If you’re dealing with loneliness, please reach out
  • Being authentic: mimicry vs mastery
  • Marketing and social media tips: Just be yourself
  • When to hire help or handle it yourself


Self-Love Tips & Overcoming Our Image Nemesis


Mic Drop Moments

  • The inner athlete is about a mindset of when you take action on how you see yourself. If you see yourself as a non-athlete, that's the action that you'll take. If you see yourself as someone who's not able to start a business, that's the action that you'll take. Whatever your mind tells you, your body does.” - Beckie Kullberg
  • “When you don't have a target, you're just going to be on the hamster wheel. So, find your target, even if it doesn't resonate with you. Work towards something specific.” - Beckie Kullberg
  • “Be compassionate with yourself. It starts with you. When you're compassionate with yourself, you have the ability to be compassionate with other people.” - Beckie Kullberg
  • “Strong, confident women tend to never ask for support because ‘I can figure it out on my own, I can do it on my own.’ They won't ask for support. And that takes courage. Be courageous and ask for support.” - Beckie Kullberg




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