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016: Building Your Brand & Capturing Your Authentic Self with Bex Wood

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For some women, the thought of having their photo taken can be stressful as insecurities rush to the forefront. Enter today’s guest.

Bex Wood is a successful branding and portrait photographer with a unique focus on helping women embrace their true selves. But she uses an original approach: her photography skills help women see themselves in a new light, and gain self-confidence.

Today, she’s sharing her tips on overcoming self-deception, breaking free from people-pleasing, and linking self-discovery and confidence. You’ll also hear how Bex's path can inspire your own journey of self-discovery and creating your brand with authenticity.


Who Is Bex Wood?

Bex Wood is a photographer who masterfully captures your essence. Her journey into photography wasn't a direct path, as she spent nearly 15 years in legal operations management before her creative calling emerged and she turned her passion for photography into a profitable business, honing in on her entrepreneurial skills.

Now, Bex leverages her keen eye to empower clients—especially professional women aged 30-65+—through personalized headshots that authentically represent their uniqueness.


Key Takeaways 

  • The power of self-discovery
  • Using photography to boost confidence
  • What is your personal branding & messaging?
  • Impacting & supporting other women
  • Embracing creative entrepreneurship
  • Why do we dread taking pictures?
  • What does femininity look like to you?


Creating Mentorship for Kids with the Moxie Project


Mic Drop Moments

  • “Women don’t need to be told what to do: they need a safe space for self-discovery, and they need a group of cheerleaders cheering them on to go there.” – April Roberts
  • “If you don't have consistent messaging, you're not going to gain traction nearly as fast.” – Bex Wood
  • “Whether you are a mentee or a mentor, both sides are learning and growing because of that relationship.” – Bex Wood
  • Be grateful for what you were given and understand it's not anyone else's responsibility to cultivate who we are, even our parents. At a certain point, we have to take the reins and really become who we are.” – April Roberts
  • I love my family, my daughters, and my son a ton but I feel like I didn't really appreciate or understand the depth that my love could go until I really started to love myself, know myself.” – Bex Wood




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