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076: Choosing Courage & Welcoming Discomfort When Facing Resistance with Brandi Munguia

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Have you ever wanted to apply for a role or try something new but ended up not “raising your hand” because you felt inadequate or unprepared? As humans, we often choose comfort over the unknown, even when facing our fears leads to personal growth.

So today, I invited Brandi Munguia to share her wisdom on creating change by choice. Brandi is the Executive Director at, a keynote speaker, business strategist, and coach with a passion for helping others overcome limiting beliefs.

In this episode, Brandi shares her best tips on facing resistance, letting go of people who no longer serve you, choosing courage, and welcoming discomfort as growth.

This episode is perfect for you if you’ve been wanting to step outside your comfort zone with a new personal project, business idea, or habit, and brand yourself as someone who can do what they set their mind to.


Who Is Brandi Munguia?

Brandi Munguia is a keynote speaker, business strategist, executive director, and coach. She specializes in online business startups for entrepreneurs. As a coach, she has several years of experience helping entrepreneurs globally launch or scale their online businesses.

She has a deep passion for mentoring individual confidence in overcoming limiting beliefs while building a brand, communities, and attracting clients around their narrowed niche and target markets. Her online community has grown to over 50k followers across platforms, and she’s been coaching people all over the world to overcome obstacles in personal growth.


Key Takeaways 

  • Taking yourself more seriously
  • Dressing for success and branding yourself
  • Raising your hand & participating
  • Facing resistance to grow
  • Staying persistent and trying again
  • Overcoming self-doubt
  • Choosing courage to find peace
  • Setting hard boundaries
  • Outgrowing & reprioritizing relationships
  • Accepting unconditional love
  • Self-love as self-preservation


Mic Drop Moments

  • “It’s better to do it than to not do it. Because if you don’t raise your hand you’re going to always question ‘What if I would have?’. The opportunity may never come back.” – Brandi Munguia
  • “You must face resistance in order to grow. No is not always no forever. It’s no for now. And it’s the opportunity to choose to face it until you make it.” – Brandi Munguia
  • “Stop making yourself uncomfortable simply to try to make other people comfortable. Don’t abandon yourself for other people’s unfair expectations.” – Brandi Munguia
  • “Sometimes, in order for you to be successful, you must leave them behind. You must outgrow the people who are not growing with you.” – Brandi Munguia
  • “Stop chasing the broken pieces and start constructing from the pieces that you’ve made and allow yourself to absorb the people that truly want to see you be and succeed in all that you are.” – Brandi Munguia




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