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023: Defining Your Personal Core Values with Sara Heald and Shelle Vernon

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How much easier would it be for you to make decisions if you had personal guidelines you could follow each time?

We make thousands of decisions every day: from what to eat and what we wear to micro-decisions such as liking a post on social media. And without even noticing it, decision fatigue ends up weighing us down and hindering our mental well-being.

In today’s panel discussion, I’m joined by Sara Heald and Shelle Vernon who have done an excellent job at defining and upholding their personal core values. We discussed how you can identify yours by keeping an eye out for triggers, how to set important boundaries, and how your core values can facilitate important decision-making.


Who are Sara Heald and Shelle Vernon?

Sara Heald is a wife, mother of two, and the founder of Sara In The City (a corporate event planning business based out of Houston). After becoming a stay-at-home mom during the pandemic, she took on the challenge of entrepreneurship. Not only did she exceed all her business goals within the first year, but she also managed to continue dedicating herself to her family wholeheartedly.

Now, with over 20+ years of event planning experience, she helps people create unique experiences that their guests will remember while fulfilling clients’ business goals.

Shelle Vernon is a remarkable leadership development coach, well known for her innovative approach to guiding senior executives, high-performing individuals, and teams toward unprecedented success.

But that's not all – her impact extends beyond the boardroom, as she also empowers college and high school students with the tools to embark on their leadership journeys.

With a mission to unlock authenticity and ignite potential, La Shelle helps people not only achieve their goals but truly live their most genuine and fulfilled lives.


Key Takeaways 

  • Why personal core values are important
  • The challenges of defining your core values
  • Showing up in life as our best selves
  • Facilitating decision-making using core values
  • Identifying triggers and setting boundaries
  • The importance of business core values for entrepreneurs
  • Being a business owner vs being an employee
  • Feeling disconnected from the “self”


How Defining Your Core Values Achieves Work/Life Balance


Mic Drop Moments

  • “The whole point of the core values exercise is a discovery of the self, which is more important than the words you come up with. The better we know ourselves, the better we can show up in life.” — April Roberts
  • “If someone is violating a core value, it’s going to trigger you. And when you get triggered you should pay attention to figure out what line someone crossed so you can set the boundary.” — April Roberts
  • “In love, comes dignity.” — Shelle Vernon
  • “Sometimes love is that difficult, complicated conversation. But you have it with love in your heart.” – Shelle Vernon
  • Sometimes whether or not a person is an ideal client on paper may not be true but maybe they align very well with your core values and so it's a good fit anyway.” – Sara Heald
  • It's sometimes difficult to understand who we are and what we value. And sometimes it takes a while because of that disconnection to sit with self and understand, ‘Gosh, who am I? What do I love? What brings me joy?’ And just my journey with that is I would say be patient and don't rush it.” – Shelle Vernon




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