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050: The Financial Freedom System to Change Your Money Mindset with Daniel White

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People tend to view money as evil, but the truth is that money is nothing more than an exchange of energy. It's what we associate it with or do with it that changes its meaning.

I'm thrilled to share this conversation with Daniel White. Daniel is a financial and spiritual transformation coach and author of The Financial Freedom System. He's helped thousands of clients over the past 25 years to transform their money mindset and eliminate blockages and limiting beliefs to build future growth.

He's been an Energy coach to leading entrepreneurs like Dan Sullivan and Gino Wickman and also happens to be my spiritual coach.

Daniel shares tips on developing intuition, removing negative energy around money, and building a solid financial foundation. You'll also hear about the "Jar Principle," his Financial Freedom system, and you'll walk away with three simple money tips you can apply today.


Who Is Daniel White?

Daniel White is a financial coach, business owner, and the author of the book The Financial Freedom System: An Uncommon Guide To Master your Money and Transform Your Life.

Daniel White Coaching focuses on facilitating personal transformation, guiding individuals to rediscover their authentic truth connected to a higher purpose. Their approach involves the positive conversion of fear into love, transforming darkness into light, and replacing scarcity with abundance.


Key Takeaways 

  • Money as a form of exchange
  • Letting our body guide our experience with money
  • Removing negative energy your money mindset
  • Building a healthy financial foundation
  • The “Jar Principle”
  • Clearing energy blockages
  • Three money tips you start using right now
  • Moving forward when your willpower disappears


Reducing Money Stress By Physically Depositing Money


Mic Drop Moments

  • “Money is not evil, it’s just a form of exchange. It’s a method to exchange energy. It’s what has been put on top of money that makes it evil.” – Daniel White
  • “You cannot build a ten-story building on a one-story house foundation. You have to build a foundation that can withstand the weight, the pressure, everything. That’s the whole principle with money.” – Daniel White
  • “Sometimes our biggest wound is our greatest asset. If we build our foundation to get through it, then we have the strength to help others.” – Daniel White
  • “When you have to make a decision: take a breath. Our instinct under stress is always to go straight to the mind (survival instinct). If you breathe deep for two minutes, the blood chemistry changes in your body. By doing that you start to calm down, and you can get in touch with your truth.” – Daniel White




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