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024: How Mi PA Helps Entrepreneurs Save Time and Money Emma Mills

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As women, we tend to push our productivity to new limits every day; but trying to “do it all” ourselves often slows business growth and strains our relationships and our personal wellbeing.

Today’s guest is Emma Mills, founder of Mi PA, an award-winning PA (Personal Assistant/EA) team designed to save entrepreneurs and businesses both time and money. Emma outlines the value of delegating tasks, finding our own hourly rate, setting sustainable business goals, and utilizing PAs to maximize growth potential.

You’ll hear how Emma helps busy entrepreneurs identify energy-draining tasks and schedule their time in order to avoid the dreaded feeling of having “done a lot but accomplished nothing”. Tune in for practical tips you can start applying today!


Who Is Emma Mills?

Emma started her career as a personal assistant to two entrepreneurs, which exposed her to the intricacies of running a small business. This led her to founding her business, Mi PA, an award-winning PA and call answering team designed to save entrepreneurs and businesses time and money. She’s since been featured on national billboards and radio campaigns by the Department of Business.

Her favorite tip for productivity? Just start.


Key Takeaways 

  • Who is Emma Mills?
  • Understanding your business’s capacity
  • Planning for your business's future
  • The benefits of hiring a Personal Assistant
  • How much is your time worth?
  • Taking the time to refill your cup
  • Which tasks are draining your energy?
  • Finding and hiring the right support
  • Tuning into your feminine energy


Emma Mills and the Mi PA Productivity Pad


Mic Drop Moments

  • “Business owners focus on when they need more business, but a lot of times they don’t plan for when they have too much business. And it can create a client/service nightmare.” - April Roberts
  • “The whole momentum of referrals, growth of the number of clients, and just the need to the worth of your own time, I think, for me, that came with so many other things as well, like no longer tolerating clients who were no good for us, who didn’t value us.” - Emma Mills
  • “The more I tune into the energy of how a task makes me feel, the more I’m moving forward.” - Emma Mills
  • “Days can disappear if you don’t intentionally plan how you’re going to be spending your time.” - Emma Mills
  • “There are two things we have control over: our actions, and our reactions” - April Roberts




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