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073: Empower Your Entrepreneur Journey

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Taking advice from a billionaire who can afford to lose half their wealth won’t help your business any more than taking advice from an entrepreneur who just started out.

That’s what makes affiliations an important key to success. Spending time with people who fit where you are in your journey is how you find accountability and growth.

If you’re struggling to find that group, tune into today’s episode to see whether the Vixen Gathering is a fit for you. Hint: the best way to find out is to try out all the complimentary coaching we offer, no strings attached!


Key Takeaways 

  • Is the Vixen Gathering a fit for you?
  • Success stories: from zero to five figures in savings
  • How to get complimentary coaching
  • Affiliation as a key to success
  • Vixen High-Performance 12-Week Intensive
  • The Vixen Mastermind
  • Vixen Jet-Setter Mastermind


Mic Drop Moments

  • “I had one client that within six weeks of the Vixen Gathering went from zero to five figures in her savings account after our Three Day Challenge.” – April Roberts
  • “One of the keys to success is affiliation: affiliating with the right group, for you, where you are on your journey right now.” – April Roberts
  • “We’re going to talk about your life goals holistically because we don’t want you to grind to six figures; we want you to have energy, be productive, and do it with a healthy mind and body.” – April Roberts
  • “Most people are entrepreneurs because they want to make the world a better place, especially female entrepreneurs.” – April Roberts




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