051: From Scarcity to Success: Breaking Money Mindset Barriers with Lacey Pruett, Bex Wood & Paul Roberts

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We all have a money mindset. Whether you know it or not, you have one, and it's been with you since your childhood. And it impacts how you feel and behave surrounding money!

I'm thrilled to share this Vixen panel conversation with Lacey Pruett, Bex Wood, and Paul Roberts. Paul is a new face on The Vixen Voice... And he's also my brother! Paul owns Roberts Wealth, a financial advisory practice where he deals with money mindset all day long. 

In today's episode, you'll hear stories about overcoming the nuances of money mindset (both our own and others'), as well as approaches to overcoming personal and professional hurdles. We'll also be chatting about the unique experience (and the challenges that come along with that!) of being a female entrepreneur. 


Who Are Lacey Pruett, Bex Wood, and Paul Roberts?

Lacey Pruett is a speaker, author, and yoga instructor passionate about health, mindfulness, and high performance. She encourages her yoga students to look inward through mindset tips during her classes and believes that impactful lifestyle habits can strengthen our minds, body, and spirit. She uses her past experiences and education to help clients reach their goals and feel their best.

Bex Wood is a photographer who masterfully captures your essence. Despite a 15-year detour in legal operations, her creative calling emerged and she turned her passion for photography into a profitable business, honing in on her entrepreneurial skills. Now, Bex leverages her keen eye to empower clients—especially professional women aged 30-65+—through personalized headshots that authentically represent their uniqueness.

Paul Roberts is the CEO of Roberts Wealth, a financial advisory firm, and my brother! Paul deals with money mindset all day long. When I was a financial advisor myself, I used to joke that my job was to empower clients to spend their money--we literally get to help people raise their money mindset for a living. 


Key Takeaways 

  • Shifting from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance and freedom
  • Breaking traditional barriers faced by women in business
  • Blending spirituality with business acumen to achieve holistic success



Mic Drop Moments

  • “Awareness if 50% of the battle.” – April Roberts
  • “There's enough money. It's everywhere around me.” – Lacey Pruett
  • “Money is not everything, but what buys freedom? Money.” – Paul Roberts
  • “You can have all the roles as a woman; you don't have to choose one over the other.” – Lacey Pruett




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