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037: Girl Talk: The Vixen Panel Shares Their Favorite Books with Bex Wood, Ashley Brooks and Amy MacDougall

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There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting so captivated by a new book that you forget the world around you.

So today, I invited a panel of avid readers from the Vixen Gathering (Bex Wood, Ashley Brooks, and Amy MacDougall) to share some of their recent favorite reads with us.

From Britney Spears and Matthew McConaughey’s biographies to fantasy, historical fiction, or books turned into TV series and movies, there’s a recommendation in this episode for every taste.

We also share some fun advice on topics like how to become an avid reader, listening to audiobooks on Audible, and being conscious of the topics you are taking in. We’re all avid readers so tune in as you just might discover your new favorite book!


Who are Bex Wood, Ashley Brooks, and Amy MacDougall?

Bex Wood is a photographer who masterfully captures your essence. Despite a 15-year detour in legal operations, her creative calling emerged and she turned her passion for photography into a profitable business, honing in on her entrepreneurial skills.

Now, Bex leverages her keen eye to empower clients—especially professional women aged 30-65+—through personalized headshots that authentically represent their uniqueness.

Ashley Brooks is a realtor with Texas Key Holders Real Estate and the voice behind the Brooks Breakthrough Podcast. On the podcast, she breaks through a variety of topics to help families grow strong marriages, children, faith, finances & businesses.

Amy MacDougall is an art instructor for toddlers at Minni Studio, a busy mom of three teenagers and enjoys volunteering at her children's schools. Amy is a close friend from law school and an avid reader.


Key Takeaways 

  • Learning from Britney Spears’ mistakes
  • Craving comfort as independent women
  • Books turned into television series
  • Starting something new in your 50s and 60s
  • Reading on paper vs listening on Audible
  • Learning to speak your truth
  • Hiring help to allow you to rest


Ashley Brooks on Choosing a Book #shorts


Mic Drop Moments

  • Seuss became Dr. Seuss in his fifties. And so, it's never too late to create some type of empire.” - Ashley Brooks
  • One of my strengths is I have a partner who's really interested in the stuff that I do. Even though he has his own career and I have mine, we get to do it together.” - Ashley Brooks
  • “I just love it whenever there's a prominent figure and they have an autobiography and then they narrate it themselves. I just love to hear their voice. I love to hear from them.” - Bex Wood
  • Sometimes books are a certain way in your head, and then when you watch it on TV it’s just not great. Others are wonderful adaptations.” - Amy MacDougall



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