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041: The Vixen Panel on Setting Goals and Resolutions for 2024

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Episode Highlights

  • Discussion on the effectiveness and strategies of using Facebook groups for business.
  • Exploration of holistic career coaching and its impact on personal and professional growth.
  • Insights into overcoming mental barriers in goal setting.
  • Understanding the balance between ambition and practicality in hustling.
  • Personal reflections and goal setting for 2024 across various life domains.


Featured Guests

  • Lyndsi Weise: A Facebook group strategist and business coach.
  • Megan Smiley: Offering her expertise in holistic career coaching, Megan shares her journey and insights, including her experiences with her podcast, 'The Lawyers Escape Pod'.
  • Matt Curry: As a business coach and founder of Giant Results, Matt provides valuable advice on setting realistic and impactful goals.

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