87. How to Set Achievable and Stretch Goals For Business with Bex Wood, Jaime Duggan, & Megan Munsell


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Have you ever set goals in your business, just to forget about them a little while after? Setting goals is great, but reaching those goals can be a whole other challenge. This episode is for you!

Today, I am joined by three powerful women and members of The Vixen Gathering, Bex Wood, Jaime Duggan and Megan Munsell, to talk about setting goals, designing your business around your life, and the different approaches to goal setting. 

Goal setting is a great practice, but what is really important is how you manage goals when dealing with family and personal commitments. Bex, Jamie and Megan all share strategies they have in place for managing goals.


Taking small, daily actions is the best way to reach your “big, hairy, audacious goals!”

Key Takeaways:

00:00 Introduction and Creating a Safe Space for Connection

04:16 Confidence Management: Celebrating Wins and Keeping Promises

06:03 Setting Realistic and Challenging Goals

09:25 Managing Goals with Family and Personal Commitments

21:23 Using Visual Dashboards and KPIs to Track Progress

25:14 Coaching and Skills Development

28:52 Identifying Daily Actions

31:28 Confidence and Stability in Business

39:37 Finding the Deeper Why

43:48 Setting Bold Goals

48:27 The Power of a Supportive Community

Who Are The Guests?


Jaime Duggan is a devoted mother, spouse, and driven entrepreneur who understands the challenges of managing work, family, and personal wellness. She has a deep passion for holistic health and has committed herself to helping busy women like you harmonize their lives amidst the daily hustle.


Megan Munsell is a Certified Public Accountant and Fractional CFO. Megan chose accounting as her career after watching her mother struggle with entrepreneurship during a time when women business owners weren’t taken seriously. She left her distinguished career in Corporate America to pursue her passion of helping women entrepreneurs make decisions based on data, rather than“vibes” or emotions. Her holistic approach to accounting services empowers women to not only have accurate data, but also understand how to use that data to make decisions.


Bex Wood is a photographer with a knack for capturing your true essence! Her journey into photography wasn't a direct path, as she spent nearly 15 years in legal operations management before discovering her creative purpose. Like many creatives, this purpose only unveiled itself after years of immersion in a different realm. Now, Bex uses her keen eye and vision to help clients, especially professional women age 30-65+, explore and express themselves through impeccable headshots that truly reflect their individuality.

Mic Drop Moments 

“If you are a soloprenuer, start getting this goal setting muscle flexed now.”

“Hitting your goals gets your team excited too.”

“Everyone is built differently so really know how you are built and what is important to you.”

"You want to stretch and grow yourself, but it's really important to hit your goals because that's a promise to yourself."

"Set goals that are a little bit more attainable and a little bit more achievable while I build up that confidence."

"And it makes these conversations so much easier to coach them up in the skills that you need."

"And then you'll start to see if you have an under performer, is it a technical problem where you need more training or an emotional intelligence problem where you need more coaching?"

"We set our goals for our quarter, but then we try to identify those one to three daily actions that can move the needle the most.”




Connect with Jamie:

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Stress Free Finances Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/shamefreefinances/


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Website: https://bexwood.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bexwoodphoto/

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