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082: Launching a Podcast to Grow Your Business with Hayleigh Hayhurst

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Starting a podcast can be a great way to provide valuable information to your audience while attracting new clients. But taking those first steps can feel overwhelming. And I’m thrilled to be joined by Hayleigh Hayhurst to give you the confidence to launch a podcast and grow your business.

Hayleigh is the founder of Espresso Podcast Production, an agency that helps you start, grow, and manage your podcast. In this episode, she shares the essentials of launching a successful podcast with expertise tailored to entrepreneurs and starting a business.

From finding the courage to get started, learning the different styles of podcast episodes, and setting realistic expectations for your podcasting journey, listening to Hayleigh’s advice will keep you on track and focused on long-term goals.


Who Is Hayleigh Hayhurst?

Hayleigh Hayhurst is the founder of Espresso Podcast Production, a full-service podcast agency that helps business owners and brands start, grow and manage podcasts to reach the right audience to increase their revenue and community.

With a background in Journalism and a passion for storytelling, Hayleigh's life mission is to amplify the voices of those who spread knowledge and positivity by helping people turn their passions into a podcast. She lives by the motto “life is too short to do things you don't want to do”. We all deserve a coffee break!


Key Takeaways 

  • Introducing Hayleigh Hayhurst
  • Diving into the world of podcasting
  • Conversational vs Q&A interviewing styles
  • Finding the courage to start your own business
  • Investing in a mindset coach
  • Is the podcast market saturated?
  • Setting realistic podcasting expectations
  • The first steps to starting a podcast
  • Marketing your business through a podcast
  • Understanding different buyer types
  • Pros & cons of competitive analysis
  • The benefits of podcasting with video


Mic Drop Moments

  • “The beauty of podcasting is it can just entertain people and teach them through conversation, or it can answer their questions on a certain topic. Both are powerful in different ways.” – Hayleigh Hayhurst
  • “I hired a mindset coach and she helped me an unbelievable amount. That investment was worth every single penny, it was what got me to where I am.” – Hayleigh Hayhurst
  • “Your podcast might not make you money in the first couple months but in the long run, it will bring you business. Lay your long-term goals out clearly.” – Hayleigh Hayhurst
  • “There is an audience for every business and every podcast. You just have to be bold enough to state your opinions, be bold in your branding, and show up more: people will listen.” – Hayleigh Hayhurst
  • “The longer you wait to start, the more you’ll regret it because it does slow down your long-term growth. If you start today, you’re miles ahead of where you’ll be than if you start six years or six months from now.” – Hayleigh Hayhurst




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