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067: Designing Your Home and Workspace for Wellness with Aletheia Ida, Lyndsi Weise and Jamie Duggan

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When you go down the rabbit hole of the wellness industry, it’s really easy to get overwhelmed – it seems almost everything these days has a harmful chemical in it.

So today, I have a panel of experts in the field to share actionable tips on everything from reoptimizing your home office and improving your sleep to teaching you how to look for healthy alternatives to everyday products.

Aletheia Ida (an award-winning architect) will show you how to change your space to boost your productivity. Lyndsi Weise (successful entrepreneur & health enthusiast) will motivate you to swap out products that may be harming you. Jamie Duggan (nutrition & behavioral coach) will introduce you to the basics of holistic health.

If you’ve always wanted to set your environment up for success but have struggled to figure out where to start, then this episode is perfect for you! 

Who are Aletheia Ida, Lyndsi Weise and Jamie Duggan?

Aletheia Ida is an award-winning architect and the founder and owner of Aletheia Ida Design and Architecture, LLC, (AIDA, LLC), a firm specializing in the creation of beautiful, healthy, and sustainable homes and workspaces for high-performing female entrepreneurs and professionals.

With over 25 years of experience in practice and academia, Aletheia brings a depth and breadth of knowledge to residential design and construction, as well as expertise in material science, environmental building technology, and climate-based design.

Lyndsi Weise, a mom of twin boys, achieved top-tier success in social selling through 12 years of dedicated work with Facebook Groups. Her originally unintentionally created method, which she has now turned into a very successful course called “The Facebook Group Method”, led to her remarkable growth in community building and social media marketing.

Jamie Duggan is a devoted mother, spouse, and driven entrepreneur who understands the challenges of managing work, family, and personal wellness. She has a deep passion for holistic health, and has committed herself to helping busy women like you harmonize their lives amidst the daily hustle. She holds certifications as a Nutritious Life Master Coach, Behavior Change Specialist, Personal Trainer, and Corrective Exercise Specialist, which gives her over a decade of expertise in health and wellness.


Key Takeaways 

  • Five ways to reoptimize your home office
  • Focusing on your mind & body
  • Detoxing your environment
  • What is holistic wellness?
  • Improving your sleeping quality
  • Materials & chemicals to keep out of your home
  • The benefits of houseplants
  • Air quality health (during renovations)


Mic Drop Moments

  • “By swapping out my skincare, my supplements and my home cleaning, I was literally detoxing. Which makes sense, because our skin is our largest organ.” – April Roberts
  • “Sometimes there is a false sense of having a trainer, or going to the gym, and equating that with being healthy. That’s one piece of the puzzle. Wellness is about sleep, hydration, stress management, nutrition, self-love, compassion for others, and living in a way that’s making your environment better.” – Jamie Duggan
  • “Really set up your bedroom for good sleep because when your sleep is good, everything is better.” – Jamie Duggan
  • “If you have the opportunity in your house to think about zoning: try to connect the pace of your day and the movement of your activities with the pace of the sun.” – Aletheia Ida
  • “Let yourself learn more about wellness and expand beyond movement, food, and water, because there is much more to it.” – Lyndsi Weise




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