Jackie Bebenroth Business Challenges

044: Creative Solutions to Overcoming Business Challenges with Jackie Bebenroth

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Successful marketing isn’t about changing minds, it’s about changing mindsets.

And today’s guest, Jackie Bebenroth, uses this approach within the brand strategy agency as the founder of Muse, which has made her an award-winning positioning expert. 

In our conversation, Jackie shares valuable tips on overcoming various business challenges: from setting up a successful strategy to being creative in a high-performance environment. 

This episode is perfect for anyone considering starting their own business, or entrepreneurs who are ready to scale their business to the next level. Jackie’s expertise on building momentum, not letting fear dictate your business decisions, and selling transformational experiences will bring a fresh perspective to your business challenges.


Who Is Jackie Bebenroth?

Jackie Bebenroth is an award-winning positioning expert and agency founder who draws from two-decades experience as a brand strategist and entrepreneur to help visionary leaders achieve transformation inside their businesses and beyond.

Jackie has shaped some of the nation’s leading brands. Using her own Productive Distancing techniques for brand strategy, she helps businesses evolve and define their true purpose – the WHY – so they can march forward with unwavering clarity and confidence.

At her agency, Muse, she leads a team of strategists and creatives who are dialed into the needs of clients in nutrition and wellness segments, where behavior and lifestyle change is a prerequisite to success. She’s picked up a few accolades along the way, most notably a SXSW Interactive finalist award and Content Marketing Institute’s Content Marketing Leader of the Year


Key Takeaways 

  • Approaching strategy through a creative lens
  • Being creative in a high-performance environment
  • Finding the courage to start your own business
  • Creating successful systems for your team
  • The benefits of joining an entrepreneurial group
  • Building momentum with your business
  • Not letting fear dictate business decisions
  • Selling products vs transformational experiences
  • Branding tips for entrepreneurs
  • Femininity in the workplace


Finding Your Niche to Overcome a Scarcity Mentality


Mic Drop Moments

  • Because we approach strategy through a creative lens, we're able to provide much more compelling communication than someone who is just all about the theory and less about the execution of it.” – Jackie Bebenroth
  • “The best creativity happens within boundaries. You want to have this big sky thinking but you also need to bring it in to make it realistic and pragmatic.” – Jackie Bebenroth
  • “The difference between good and great in high performance creatives is being able to do something in half the time and not sacrifice the quality.” – Jackie Bebenroth
  • “‘Change Marketing’ means we’re not just changing a mind, we are changing a mindset.” – Jackie Bebenroth
  • “People will come to you because you’re solving a problem, but they’ll stay with you because they believe in what you do.” – Jackie Bebenroth




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