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079: Improving Overall Health & Wellness by Practicing Gratitude with Jaime Duggan

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Most things we do in life are not obligations, they are choices. No one forces us to clean our home, cook, or even get out of bed; you do it because you care. This shift in mentality from “I have to” to “I get to” is powered by gratitude.

Today’s guest, Jaime Duggan, is a Nutritious Life Master Coach, Behavior Change Specialist, Personal Trainer, and Corrective Exercise Specialist. She focuses heavily on helping busy women find harmony amidst the daily hustle, and today she’s here to show us how our health, wellness, and gratitude practices are heavily co-dependent.

In this conversation, you’ll learn how to become more flexible in the face of adversity, focus on what you are grateful for, and shift your negative thoughts to reframe your reality.


Who Is Jaime Duggan?

Jaime Duggan is a devoted mother, spouse, and driven entrepreneur who understands the challenges of managing work, family, and personal wellness. She has a deep passion for holistic health and has committed herself to helping busy women like you harmonize their lives amidst the daily hustle.

She holds certifications as a Nutritious Life Master Coach, Behavior Change Specialist, Personal Trainer, and Corrective Exercise Specialist, which gives her over a decade of expertise in health and wellness. Through her journey, she has witnessed firsthand the incredible transformations that occur when embracing a comprehensive approach to well-being.


Key Takeaways 

  • Focusing on weekly wins
  • Finding adaptability through gratitude
  • Shifting from negative to grateful thoughts
  • Pleasant ways to start your day
  • Honoring your body (health & wellness)
  • The power of The Pause
  • What does gratitude mean to you?
  • Nothing loving comes from force (law of attraction)
  • Powering through resistance
  • Immediate vs delayed rewards
  • Having grace for yourself (consistency)
  • The freedom in discipline
  • Gratitude journaling
  • Automatic vs conscious decisions


Mic Drop Moments

  •  Consumption does not breed gratitude. It breeds comparison.” – Jaime Duggan
  • I believe that gratitude has a higher frequency than love only because you cannot have that love without gratitude. You cannot unconditionally love yourself without being absolutely grateful for every ounce of your being, soul, and body.” – Jaime Duggan
  • Nothing positive, nothing loving comes from force.” – Jaime Duggan
  • You're not going to be a ten out of ten every single day. And that's okay. That's not how you're consistent. You're consistent by tomorrow, you're right back on track.” – Jaime Duggan
  • Discipline is a muscle and it needs rest, just like every other muscle in our body.” – Jaime Duggan




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