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068: Setting Sustainable Wellness Goals For Your Body and Soul with Jaime Duggan

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Self-love is not about allowing yourself to eat whatever you feel like eating or avoiding exercise because you love your body the way it is. It’s about remembering that you only have one body on this earth and how you care for it will directly impact your quality of life.

My guest today is Jaime Duggan. Jaime is a Nutritious Life Master Coach, Behavior Change Specialist, and Personal Trainer and she’s here to help us identify unhealthy habits and set long-term goals that benefit our future selves.

If you’re someone who wants to take their health more seriously but often struggles with exercise, food choices, or keeping daily routines, you’ll love this episode. 


Who Is Jaime Duggan?

Jamie Duggan is a devoted mother, spouse, and driven entrepreneur who understands the challenges of managing work, family, and personal wellness. I have a deep passion for holistic health, and I have committed myself to helping busy women like you harmonize their lives amidst the daily hustle.

I hold certifications as a Nutritious Life Master Coach, Behavior Change Specialist, Personal Trainer, and Corrective Exercise Specialist, which gives me over a decade of expertise in health and wellness. Through my journey, I have witnessed firsthand the incredible transformations that occur when embracing a comprehensive approach to well-being. 


Key Takeaways 

  • What is Total Wellness Coaching?
  • Discovering your ideal future self
  • Self-love is choosing to care for your body
  • Size does not reflect health or happiness
  • Setting sustainable fitness goals
  • Increasing energy levels with evening/morning routines
  • Scheduling your workouts with consistency
  • How to reinstate good habits (starting small)
  • Enjoying the process & letting go of outcomes


Mic Drop Moments

  • “If somebody comes to see me for a few hours a week, I'm helping them exercise in that moment. But the real difference, the needle movers in their health, happens outside of those hours in the day-to-day activities.” – Jaime Duggan

  • “Start with something that's more manageable that you can do day in and day out because it's the consistency of the habit in the beginning versus the time in action that is important to creating the habit.” – Jaime Duggan

  • “I have been training for ten-plus years. It is the evening clients that cancel, not the morning ones.” – Jaime Duggan

  • “When you focus on the what, the weight will follow. And when you can start to just be okay with the process, you’re going to have so much more enjoyment and consistency, and it’s going to be sustainable.” - Jaime Duggan




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