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020: The Art of Content Creation as a Mompreneur with Jamie Rockers

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Finding time for passions, work and travel as a mom can feel impossible. So today, I asked someone who’s absolutely crushing it with all three to share her secrets.

That someone is digital content creator and skincare influencer, Jamie Rockers.

In this episode, Jamie shares her tips for traveling as a new mom, turning your passion into a fulfilling career, and balancing the demands of entrepreneurship and content creation while raising a family.


Who Is Jamie Rockers?

Jamie Rockers is a lifestyle digital content creator who created her blog, Beauty Rocks, to share her passions for beauty, skincare, travel, wellness, fashion and food. Originally from the U.S., Jamie has traveled to more than 70 countries and lived in Japan and Australia before moving to the U.K. In addition to her blog, Jamie can be followed on Instagram  and TikTok.


Key Takeaways 

  • The grind behind the “highlight reel” life
  • Time-hacking secrets
  • Refueling when your job requires you to be social
  • Handling the fears of quitting a 9-5
  • Balancing family with entrepreneurship
  • Behind the scenes of Jamie’s content creation
  • How do you travel as a new mom?
  • Tapping into feminine and masculine energies
  • When to listen to your heart vs. your brain


Travel Trips For Mompreneurs


Mic Drop Moments

  • Travel tips with kids: Go when they're really young and they're not moving around." – Jamie Rockers
  • “People will live a much happier life when they don't stay in jobs they hate. You can see people are miserable and they're still working in the same role that they hate.” – Jamie Rockers
  • “Try to bring some joy to your life by following your own heart.” – Jamie Rockers




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