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012: Empowering Women To Create and Celebrate Their Wealth with Jessica Weaver

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Did you know that only about 6% of top US public financial institutions have women in senior positions? My guest today, Jessica Weaver, Financial Advisor and Founder of the Women’s Wealth Boutique, aspires to change this.

Her goal is to empower women to take control of their finances and encourage them to stand out in the finance world instead of trying to blend in. Today, she’s sharing with us her secrets on how to create a balanced routine, unlock your best performance, and become a “financial trendsetter” by achieving your financial goals.


Who Is Jessica Weaver?

As the founder of the Women's Wealth Boutique, the fastest-growing women-owned financial firm in the US, Jessica Weaver empowers women to achieve financial success. She is also a three-time best-selling author, blogger, mom of two, and international speaker.

Despite facing challenges as a female in a male-dominated field, she fearlessly pursued her own path, turning down conventional opportunities to find her true identity and significance in the world.


Key Takeaways 

  • Being a woman in finance (mostly-male environment)
  • Shopping for your money vs with your money
  • The pros and cons of female “adaptability”
  • The art of “architecturing” your calendar
  • Discovering your Key Performance Time
  • What are “Financial Trendsetters”?
  • Embracing your femininity


Helping Women Elevate Their Life and Wealth


Mic Drop Moments

  • “Community is very important to us women, so sometimes we will give ourselves up to give the community more. One of our superpowers is adaptability, but it can also be our kryptonite if we’re not careful.” — April Roberts
  • “You always have time ‘for this’, you actually create your own time. You can spend time, you can narrow it down. Where is your focus and your priority?” — Jessica Weaver
  • “If I can start my day in a very grateful, fulfilling way, it’s going to be a much better day. I set the tone for the day instead of my emails, social media…Take back that control, even if it’s 15 minutes.” — Jessica Weaver
  • “If I’m overworked, that doesn’t help anyone. We need to prevent burnout by pacing ourselves.” — Jessica Weaver




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