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046: Tips to Discover Your Unique Abilities with Julia Waller

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The secret to getting things done, especially the tedious aspects of your business that doesn’t fill your cup, is to find the right people to outsource them to so you can focus on your own Unique Abilities. Which means spending more time on the things that light you up every day. And today’s guest has helped hundreds of people do just that over the last two decades.

Julia Waller is the creator and pioneering coach of The Unique Ability®: a strategy designed to help you figure out how you operate, the skills you align with, and those you don’t.

Today, she’s sharing her tips on discovering your Unique Abilities, deepening relationships by understanding those of others, and bringing this culture into your business to experience exponential growth.


Who Is Julia Waller?

Julia Waller is the creator and pioneering coach of The Unique Ability® Discovery Session, coaching hundreds of Strategic Coach® Program participants and much of the Strategic Coach® team over the past two decades.

She is one of the authors of two books on Unique Ability®, the latest being Unique Ability®  2.0: Discovery. Dedicated to developing others’ talents and skilled at puzzling out how the different parts of a person fit together, she brings a wealth of passion, wisdom, and expertise to her Unique Ability workshops.


Key Takeaways 

  • Creating a Unique Ability culture in your business
  • Allowing children to develop their unique personalities
  • Deepening relationships by allowing space for differences
  • How to discover your own Unique Ability
  • Balancing masculine & feminine energy
  • Unique Ability Teamwork
  • The blueprint to your future


4 Criteria to Identify Your Unique Ability with Julia Waller


Mic Drop Moments

  • People are happy when you're in your unique ability: they'd much rather be around you when you're your happy best self than when you're grumpy, your shadow self.” – Julia Waller
  • Take what's unconscious and make it conscious so you can do more with it.” – Julia Waller
  • “We easily compare ourselves and think we should be more like others. No! Be you, we need your talents and strengths to play in the situation to make the best possible team decision.” – Julia Waller
  • If you're frustrated by someone who's not doing what you think they should do in terms of being more like you, you got it wrong. That's not their unique ability. That's probably your unique ability and you're projecting onto them what you think they should be versus looking at actually seeing them.” – Julia Waller
  • “The more we have the courage to self-discover, the more impact we make during our lifetime.” – April Roberts




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