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042: Tips for Managing Grief and Staying True to Yourself with Lacey Pruett

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Surprisingly enough, grief is an emotion that high-performance women tend to have issues with. Oftentimes, women push those emotions aside so that they can “keep on going” and get things done. And today’s guest can certainly speak to that.

Lacey Pruett is a public speaker and yoga instructor passionate about health and mindfulness. Her take on it is simple: the body doesn’t forget.

Today, we’re talking about her experience with holding onto grief, the physical toll it can take on your body, and the importance of giving yourself permission to feel again. She reminds us that grief isn’t just losing a parent or family member: it can also be about losing friendships, relationships, ideas, and even yourself.


Who Is Lacey Pruett?

Lacey Pruett is a speaker, author, and yoga instructor passionate about health, mindfulness, and high performance. She encourages her yoga students to look inward through mindset tips during her classes and believes that impactful lifestyle habits can strengthen our minds, body, and spirit. She uses her past experiences and education to help clients reach their goals and feel their best.


Key Takeaways 

  • Introducing Lacey Pruett
  • Preparing yourself for upcoming grief
  • Allowing yourself to “release” and let out your grief
  • Grieving societal norms (being child-free)
  • The physical symptoms of big emotions
  • Grieving past versions of yourself
  • Being hard on yourself over past decisions
  • Doing the hard work to heal yourself
  • The moment of light and gratitude after grief


Lacey Pruett on Making Time to Grieve


Mic Drop Moments

  • “High-performance women don’t really let themselves feel a lot of the time. And we learn that we feel a lot more whole if we allow ourselves to be human.” – Lacey Pruett
  • Not everybody's entitled to your grief journey. Not everybody knows how to handle your grief journey. So find your small groups to share with.” – Lacey Pruett
  • As adults, give yourself permission to take a nap, to feel, to take a break. Yes to cancel, if you really need to. Take good care of yourself.” – Lacey Pruett
  • “That's the joy in the grief. You learn. You grow. If you love who you are now, you've got to love the whole story about what brought you here.” – Lacey Pruett
  • “You can’t connect the dots as you’re going through life, you can only do it when you look back.” – Lacey Pruett
  • “The work to heal is hard work, but it’s such good work if you allow yourself to do it. And you’ll be better for it.” – Lacey Pruett




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