060: Breaking the Silence: Confronting Divorce & Narcissistic Abuse Head-On

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What if you started saying what isn't being talked about?

I am joined today by Laura Richards and we sit down and talk about the conversations that aren't being said. Laura is an amazing and incredible woman who is using her power on the internet to create a space where people can share their dark stories, emotional abuse and narcissism. But it is even cooler because she is sharing how those dark pieces opened up and shed light on the self-love they have for themselves. 


Who is Laura Richards?

Laura is a podcaster who gives women a platform to share their dark stories about emotional abuse, narcissism, and loving yourself. She hopes to bring hope to others, so that they know they are not alone, and help them see healing is possible. She is a mom of three grown children, a mother-in-law, and fur mom to her cat, Peaches. Her life changed in the last few years with the deaths of her mother and sister-in-law during the pandemic. It then changed even more dramatically in 2022 with the end of her 32-year marriage. By this time her self-esteem was low and she was lacking confidence in her everyday life. During her time of healing after her divorce she uncovered the lies that she had lived with being married to a narcissist who was emotionally abusing her. On her journey, she has learned to read the warning signs of emotional abuse, gaslighting, and narcissism, and helps women to understand emotional abuse. Through therapy and other therapeutic practices she has worked on improving her mental health, and helping those around her do the same by speaking about the things she had endured in her marriage. She believes in the power of journaling and has created a line of journals to help others practice mindfulness and heal from the hard things in life.


Key Takeaways

  • Narcissism is real and is hiding in plain sight. Once you can identify it, you can fight your own way out.
  • How can you find 'her' hiding under it all? She is there, how can you get to her?
  • Understanding key red flags to protect yourself from.


Mic Drop Moments

  • "You don't have to diagnose anybody with anything. You don't have to label anyone with anything either. This is about behaviors." - Laura
  • "Is this the life you wanna be living? Is this how you want to be treated even in a relationship?" - Laura
  • "Our light just gets dimmed over life, and it's our job to turn it back on." - Laura



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