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036: The First Steps to Streamlining and Simplifying Your Business with Marissa Roberts

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One of the most common side effects of being an entrepreneur is burnout. You’re involved in every decision, the bookkeeping, social media, and then it hits you. You’ve put too many hours into the business and stopped scheduling time for yourself.

Today’s guest, Marissa Roberts, knows exactly what that’s like. She left the corporate world when she had children to have more time freedom. She launched her first business,, and within 2 months was suffering from burnout.

Fast forward to today, she’s the host of the Simpler Business Podcast, where she helps entrepreneurs & business owners with courses and coaching sessions to streamline, simplify, and scale their business.

In our conversation, you’ll hear how she became even more productive while working less. In fact, she worked 2 hours per day, let go of perfectionism, scheduled time for herself and her family while focusing her energy on the activities that would scale her business.


Who Is Marissa Roberts?

Marissa Roberts is a mother of two, an entrepreneur and host of the Simpler Business Podcast. She’s a consultant to entrepreneurs & business owners and offers courses to lighten their workload while they grow their business, for more income and more freedom.


Key Takeaways 

  • Dealing with burnout 2 months into entrepreneurship
  • Scheduling bigger chunks for yourself
  • Focus your energy on things that light you up
  • How downtime fuels creativity
  • The first step to simplify your business
  • 3 quick tips to simply time spent with email
  • Reducing notifications from your phone
  • Getting more productive while working 2 hours/day


The First Step to Streamlining and Simplifying Your Business


Mic Drop Moments

  • Even if you're not ready to jump in full-time, create a little something on the side so you have that buffer and that kind of eliminates that fear.” – Marissa Roberts
  • Something is going to help you get over that mindset of scarcity because you're going to suddenly be open to the idea that there are multiple ways that money can flow to you.” – Marissa Roberts
  • “The better you feel and the better you take care of yourself, the better positive impact you’re going to have on other people.” - Marissa Roberts




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