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070: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Self-Limiting Beliefs with Meg Rentschler

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Our brains create self-limiting beliefs to keep us safe and comfortable, but as humans, we can only grow when we’re outside of our comfort zones.

If you don’t keep perfectionism and imposter syndrome in check, they will prevent you from reaching your true potential.

Today, I’m joined by Meg Rentschler who’s here to help break down how you can begin to let go of self-limiting beliefs. Meg is a seasoned Clinical Social Worker and Professional Certified Coach who has helped many women over the past four decades completely change their lives.

In our conversation, we discussed the importance of being proactive vs reactive to life’s circumstances, how to deal with the discomfort of change, and ways to let go of your limiting beliefs and keep an eye out for unforeseen opportunities. 


Who Is Meg Rentschler?

Meg Rentschler, a seasoned Clinical Social Worker and Professional Certified Coach, has been working with others to create positive changes in their lives for over 4 decades. Her holistic approach to leadership underscores the significance of nurturing mind, body, and spirit.

Through her venture, A Focus on Results Executive Coaching, Meg collaborates with leaders across sectors like healthcare and finance to cultivate healthier workplace cultures by valuing everyone's unique contributions. In 2016, she launched The STaR Coach Show—a weekly platform offering insights into coaching skill enhancement and business growth while assisting leaders in amplifying their impact through coaching methods.

Committed to educational excellence in coaching, Meg has been contributing her knowledge as an instructor and mentor in coach certification programs at the University of Texas at Dallas and Positive Coaching Solutions. An alumnus of Michigan State University (BS) and The University of Michigan (MSW), she holds an Executive Coaching certification from the University of Texas at Dallas. Meg’s journey is one marked by dedication to fostering leadership through compassion.


Key Takeaways 

  • Being reactive vs proactive
  • Dealing with the discomfort of change
  • Creating an environment conducive to change
  • Being the best at what you do
  • Letting go of self-limiting beliefs
  • Why perfection is a downward spiral
  • The “shift the code” approach
  • Why our brains create limiting beliefs
  • Protecting your sphere of influence
  • Keeping an eye out for opportunities


Mic Drop Moments

  • “We don’t make a change until either the discomfort of our current situation outweighs the discomfort of making a change, or there’s something so exciting and motivating that it’s worth it.” – Meg Rentschler
  • “Getting it out there is better than getting it out there perfect.” – Meg Rentschler
  • “Our limiting beliefs are there because our mind believes that that’s how we’re going to stay safe. We need to lean into our purpose and passion to find out what else could be true.” – Meg Rentschler
  • Let's not compare our beginning to somebody else's middle.” – Meg Rentschler
  • “When you’re waiting for perfection you’re in a tunnel vision; you’re not seeing any of the opportunities around you and you’re not serving people.” – April Roberts




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