054: A Mission to Transform Fashion with Paulina Petkoski

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Does sustainability matter to you when you build your wardrobe?

In this enlightening episode of The Vixen Voice, I dive deep into the world of fashion with Paulina Petkoski, a revered fashion designer, stylist, professor, and a vocal advocate for sustainable fashion. From her early love for fashion in Detroit to making a significant mark in New York City and eventually embracing a sustainable approach back in her hometown, Paulina shares her incredible journey in the fashion industry with me.

Our discussion not only uncovers the glamorous side of fashion but also addresses the pressing issues of consumerism, waste, and the urgent need for sustainability in fashion. This episode promises to inspire, educate, and perhaps change the way you view your wardrobe.


Who is Paulina Petkoski?

Paulina Petkoski, a Detroit-based Fashion Consultant and Stylist, brings over 15 years of industry experience, including design stints in New York City. Her expertise in sustainability, design, trends, and fit defines her client-centric approach. An advocate for fashion sustainability and conscious consumerism, Paulina inspires change every day.


Key Takeaways 

  • Paulina's passion for fashion and her journey working with industry giants like Isaac Mizrahi and Diane von Furstenberg
  • Moving beyond the fast fashion model to embrace practices that are kinder to the planet without sacrificing style
  • A critical look at how overconsumption is contributing to environmental degradation and what we as consumers can do to mitigate this
  • Actionable advice for making fashion choices that are both stylish and sustainable
  • The importance of thoughtful design in reducing fashion's environmental footprint



Mic Drop Moments

  • It was just a lot of things that I didn't feel like made sense to, it just didn't align with what I felt was right, especially considering climate change and other things and crises that are happening.” – Paulina Petkoski
  • “80% of a product's impact is actually determined at the design stage... designers have like a huge responsibility in, in the part of this problem and process.” – Paulina Petkoski
  • We have so many decisions to make today. Decision fatigue is real. If you have a well-crafted wardrobe, this is going to cut down on your stress and anxiety when you feel like I have nothing to wear.– April Roberts



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