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025: Own Your Worth: A Panel Discussion with Bex Wood & Jamie Rockers

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How many times have you been offered help but denied it out of fear of being a “bother” to someone else?

Giving and receiving are inherently feminine qualities that many women struggle with, but in doing so we’re also rejecting joy: the joy someone gets from helping us out, and the joy we get from receiving help.

In today’s episode, Bex Wood and Jamie Rockers have joined me to explore the problems that come from being hyper-independent. They also share valuable tips on owning your worth, changing your money mindset to one of abundance, and healing the underlying guilt you may feel when making money-related decisions.


Who are Bex Wood & Jamie Rockers?

Bex Wood is a photographer who masterfully captures your essence. Despite a 15-year detour in legal operations, her creative calling emerged and she turned her passion for photography into a profitable business, honing in on her entrepreneurial skills.

Now, Bex leverages her keen eye to empower clients—especially professional women aged 30-65+—through personalized headshots that authentically represent their uniqueness.

Jamie Rockers is a lifestyle digital content creator who created her blog, Beauty Rocks, to share her passions for beauty, skincare, travel, wellness, fashion and food. Originally from the U.S., Jamie has traveled to more than 70 countries and lived in Japan and Australia before moving to the U.K. In addition to her blog, Jamie can be followed on Instagram (@jamierockers) and TikTok (jamie.rockers).


Key Takeaways 

  • The meaning of owning your worth
  • Raising your money mindset
  • The feminine quality of receiving
  • Struggling with hyper-independence
  • Understanding guilt in our decision-making
  • Letting go of the scarcity mindset
  • Figuring out your real hourly rate
  • Flexing your “ask” muscle
  • Trusting your intuition


Bex Wood on Feeling Confident on Social Media

Mic Drop Moments

  • It's all about self-confidence and authenticity and feeling that you have permission to take up your own space in a way that you choose. To me, that's what self-worth is all about, and feeling good about owning that.” – Bex Wood
  • I think if you can really lean in and really listen to your body and listen to your gut and your intuition, then you can really obviously own your own worth because you'll be making the right decisions at every corner.” – Jamie Rockers
  • If you really love something, you really enjoy something and want to spend your money on it, do it, and enjoy it, and try and remember the money will come back to you.” – Jamie Rockers
  • “It’s okay to allow people to help you, especially when it gives them joy. By not allowing help, you’re really squashing joy for the both of you.” – Bex Woods
  • I think it's so important to listen to your emotions. They're happening for a reason. They're telling you something that you might not be discerning properly with your eyes or your brain.” – Bex Wood




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