Why the Scariest Thing this Halloween is your Money Mindset

Thinking about money (and spending it) shouldn’t be the scariest thing you think about this Halloween. But I understand why it is for a lot of us. In fact, it wasn’t too long ago that I was there myself…

When I started coaching and consulting, I had to ask clients to pay me. But coming from the financial industry, I never had to give the price for my services, and I was paid automatically. 

So having to verbally ask someone for any amount of money was challenging. I felt like the words literally could not come out of my mouth. 

Until one day, I did a simple exercise that changed my life. I had a visceral response to learning about my money mindset–you can read more about that in this blog. To this day, I use the same exercise in The Vixen Mastermind, and each of our Vixens has a similar reaction. 

What is your relationship with money like? Have you thought about it recently, or do you maybe avoid thinking about it at all? 


GenX and the Big Red X Around Money

A startling statistic for you: 60 percent of Generation Xers report that money has a negative impact on their mental health. 

And honestly, it’s no wonder why. We’ve lived through multiple economic crises, and are now a “sandwich generation,” caught between the financial (and emotional) demands of caring for our aging parents while we care for our children and run our businesses. It’s no easy task.

How many of us are second guessing when we spend, wondering if that money would be put to better use tucked away in case something goes awry? I’m willing to bet that most of us do it. 

So, what gives? How can you remove your money blocks so that you can halt that gnawing feeling you get in your gut every time you think about money?

Well first, you have to identify your money blocks. 


What the heck are my money blocks?

Believe it or not, we all have money blocks. They’re things we pick up on from a very young age; external factors like your parents, your peers, and society all have a massive impact on our relationship with money. 

For example; if you grew up with parents that had a scarcity mindset, you likely still struggle with that mindset to this day. It impacts how you spend your money (or rather, avoid spending money), even if money spent impacts you in a positive way.

Money blocks can look like…

  • Tossing and turning every night trying to think of the best ways to budget your money
  • Avoiding making a budget entirely (even if you know you need to)
  • The inability to reach your financial goals
  • Feeling like you don’t deserve to make more money
  • The belief that money is evil

Are any of these sounding familiar? The good news is that once you start to identify your personal money blocks, you can take steps towards removing them.


Change your Mindset… And your Feelings About Money.

So, if you have some icky feelings around money, guilt around making or spending more, how do you push past and raise your money mindset?

You already know the negative things you think or feel about money. So what are some positive thoughts you could adopt about money?

Maybe things like…

  • Money isn’t bad.
  • I deserve to make more money.
  • I would love to do X with money.
  • Money helps lots of people do good things. 

When you think (or say) these things, what feelings come up for you? Maybe you’re even physically feeling something in your body; and that’s okay! Remember, this isn’t a muscle you’ll build overnight. It takes time.

Imagine for a moment that you’re making your ideal income. And start thinking of three things you could do with that money. This gives purpose to money, and reframes your mindset around your personal relationship with it. 


Owning Your Worth

One of the biggest things I conquer with clients is the belief that they don’t deserve to or can’t make more money. But Owning Your Worth is about way more than financial gain…

It’s about addressing your intrinsic value first, and your right to abundance. Because at the end of the day, it’s not just about “making money.” It’s about what you plan to do with the money to create a fulfilling life for yourself. 

For example, my co-conspirator for The Vixen Mastermind has a nephew who believed he couldn’t make more than his $85,000 salary due to his lack of a college degree. After coaching him on owning his worth and acknowledging his value, he was able to negotiate a salary of $125,000! That’s a huge win, and a great example of addressing the belief that you can’t earn more. 


A Way Forward

While the struggles we Gen X women face in relation to money mindset are significant, we’re not without ways to overcome:


Discover Your Blocks

What beliefs do you currently hold about money, and how do they make you feel emotionally and physically?


Mindset Swap

What are some positive beliefs you can begin to adopt surrounding money? Remember that even if they feel challenging at first, this is a muscle you’ll be building over time. 


Own Your Worth

Address your intrinsic value and your right to abundance; start by thinking about your ideal income and name 3 things you’d do with that money to give it purpose.


What is your money mindset like? Do you struggle with having a positive, excited relationship when it comes to money? 

Changing your money mindset on your own can be a challenge… If you think having a coach would help, reach out to us at [email protected] . I’d love to see how I can help you own your worth!


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