Stacey Abella Overcoming Burnout

064: Overcoming Burnout and Reinventing Yourself with Stacey Abella

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If money were not an object, what would you be doing with your life every day?

That’s the question that eventually led today’s guest to embark on a life-changing trip to India with her mastermind group. But even though she is currently living an exciting life of alignment with her dreams, it wasn’t always this simple.

Stacey Abella is the founder and CEO of Wind In Your Sails Consulting and has had a passion for traveling and journaling since she was 7. In her memoir, Secrets From My Travel Diaries: How One Burnt Out Executive Reignited the Adventurer Within, Stacey details how she made the shift from a life that felt out of her control to one of clarity, reflection, and goal-aligned action.

Today, she’s sharing her best advice on soul-searching and making the time to reflect on the changes you need to make in order to live a more fulfilled life.


Who Is Stacey Abella?

Stacey Abella is the founder and CEO of Wind In Your Sails Consulting and has been a passionate Traveler and Journal-er since the age of 7. Her eclectic career spans the spectrum from multinational corporations to the Peace Corps. Secrets From My Travel Diaries: How One Burnt Out Executive Reignited the Adventurer Within is her memoir about becoming who she is and finding the courage to pursue the life she once dreamed of.


Key Takeaways 

  • Soul-searching when your dreams change
  • Setting time for reflection and exercise in the morning
  • Paying attention to your biorhythm
  • Going from a transformation to seeing results
  • Why reinventing yourself is important
  • Creating multiple streams of income
  • Stacey’s mastermind trip to India
  • Getting clarity on your vision & goals
  • How to keep excitement from wearing off
  • Embracing your femininity through creativity


Mic Drop Moments

  • “When we’re willing to do the inner work, it seems scary at first. But once you do the work, you realize it was much more scary to push things away instead of facing them. What is inside reflects out, and people can tell.” – Stacey Abella
  • “A solar panel has to first absorb the sun before it can then share it. If you’re not willing to receive and take in that light within ourselves, then we don’t have nearly as much to give to someone else.” – Stacey Abella
  • “We have so much coming at us that our brain is going to get overwhelmed if it doesn’t focus us on what’s important. When you state a goal or state an outcome, what happens is your heart and your brain get coherent and they start trying to find the answer.” – April Roberts
  • “When you’re a solopreneur and business owner, YOU are your company’s biggest asset. The better you feel and show up, the better the business will be and the easier it will be to run it.” – April Roberts




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