The Art of Mastering Time Management

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Hi, Vixens! Buckle up because we're diving into the exciting world of time management—the first pillar of the Vixen coaching framework. If you know me, you know that I'm a time management nerd. At Vixen, we're all about helping our clients not only solidify their business foundations but also create the life of their dreams. And trust me, when I say time management is the secret sauce, I mean it! (Yep, even for your personal life.)

I get it, the mere mention of time management can send shivers down your spine. We're all swamped, juggling a million things at once, right? It surprised me how many badass solopreneur women I encountered who didn't even have a basic calendar system in place. Been there, done that! I was once skeptical too, but then my financial practice (and coaching, too) demanded it. Appointments required punctuality, and that's when I discovered the magic of time management.

Let's break down some game-changing tips, Vixen style:


Categorize Your Days for Maximum Efficiency

Picture this: a day dedicated to your team, another for clients, and a special slot for admin work. Why? Because each interaction type demands a unique energy. Talking with your team is different from engaging with clients. Switching hats like a magician throughout the day drains you faster than a sneaky leak in a balloon. But when you "wear the same hat" all day, you're a decision-making machine.

Ever wondered, "If I had more time, what would I do with it?" Well, now's the time to find out! Imagine how your life would change if you had that extra time. Dream big, my Vixens!


Time Blocking: Colors, Categories, and Calendar Magic

Confession time: I'm all about aesthetics. My wardrobe is a testament to that! And guess what? I extend that love to my calendar. I color code it, too. Purple for spiritual growth, shades of green for all things Vixen, and pink? Pure joy, Vixen! These colors aren't just eye candy; they're emotional triggers. Your calendar transforms into a canvas of life experiences, not just a mundane task list.

Every Monday, I glance at my calendar and ask, "Do all the important colors get their moment this week?" If not, I know it's time to schedule some pink—AKA fun time. Oh, and speaking of goals, they have their own colors too. If it's not on the calendar, it's not happening. Period.

I also put everything on my calendar. And I mean everything. I once had a friend look at my calendar, and she said, “You schedule the times you’re going to eat?!” I sure do! I mean, think about it. I’m sure we’ve all had days where you’re so absorbed in answering emails or doing admin work that you forget to eat lunch. But not taking care of yourself is going to put you on the fast track to burn out; and how productive will you be then?

Here's the takeaway: fill your calendar with everything. Yup, even "me" time, family time, and meals. Remember the friend who raised an eyebrow at my eating schedule? Well, scheduling even the basics ensures self-care and avoids burnout. Plus, it makes saying "no" to distractions a piece of cake!


Nailing Time Boundaries

Imagine having laser-focused superpowers. Yep, that's what setting time boundaries feels like. Find your golden hours, your peak productivity moments, and channel them for tasks that need your A-game. Me? Mornings are my jam for coaching; afternoons, not so much. So, I block coaching for mornings so I can show up all the way for my clients.

Every time I mention time boundaries, the person I’m speaking with always thinks of someone that is violating their time boundaries. The first time I gave these tips during a 3-day challenge, a client said, “My best friend calls me every day at 6:30 am during my pilates session to ask business questions. And every day I answer the call.” What comes up for YOU? Can you think of a similar situation where you “answer the call?”

Here's the scoop: assertive yet positive communication is key. Sandwich method, folks! Start with something you truly appreciate about whoever is violating your time, lay down your boundary, and talk about positive steps you can take to wrap it up. Trust me, it works like a charm. (But give yourself grace when you fail; it takes practice. Trust me, when you first start setting those boundaries, you’re going to feel like a toddler learning to walk.)


Joyful Meetings: The Vixen Way

Having efficient, joyful meetings protects your time, energy, and confidence. Start with a clear purpose, set expectations, and kick off with a splash of personal positivity. At Vixen, we do it all the time! 

We get chatter out of the way at the beginning. On our team, we start out with positive focus; one personal statement, and one professional. We also avoid setting meetings without a clear purpose. When we know what the meeting’s purpose is, we can show up prepared. Are you brainstorming? Are you outlining a process? Determining the desired final outcome of an event?


Pro Hacks to Level Up Your Time Management Game:

Shorter Time Blocks: Schedule 25-minute, 50-minute, 110-minute blocks. Here’s why; high performers average a break every 52 minutes. So how many times do you have your head down working, distracted by emails and messages, but won’t allow yourself to be distracted by feeding yourself? We’re human beings; we need time to allow ourselves to be human! And I guarantee that you can accomplish just as much in a 25-minute meeting as you can in a 30-minute meeting. ;)

Set an Alarm for Deep Work: Set a timer, dive deep, and emerge as a productivity champion. If you have an email that needs to go out to your clients, set a 50-minute alarm so that you can be fully present and not checking the clock the whole time. 

3 strike rule: If you’ve had a conversation with someone who continued to violate the boundaries you’re setting, there have to be consequences. As an example, my mom used to call me in the middle of the work day; I set a boundary that we would talk on the way to or from the office so she KNEW she would hear from me every day and I wouldn't get sidetracked. She didn’t break that boundary, but if she had, it would have been important for me to say, “Hey, I’ve set this boundary a few times and you are having a really hard time sticking to it. I won’t be able to talk to you next week.” I like to use the example of my mom because most of us would be horrified to have that conversation with our moms. That being said; it takes practice. Give yourself grace to fail. 


Wrapping It Up

Time management isn't about squeezing more hours into your day; it's about making every minute count. Embrace the Vixen way: color your calendar, categorize your days, rock those boundaries, and infuse positivity into every meeting. Let's craft a life where productivity dances with joy, where goals and dreams take center stage. I'd love to hear your time management hacks—share with us in our Instagram DMs; we might share your well-loved hacks with our audience!


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