Time, Energy & Confidence Management

021: Time, Energy & Confidence Management with Kiera Doyle, Lacey Pruett and Emma Mills

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Nightowls frequently get shamed for not waking up early, and sleeping in late is often associated with unproductivity and laziness. But those who understand their own individual energy know this isn’t always the case.

In today’s episode, I invited a panel of returning guests who are experts in the fields of time, energy, confidence, and performance management to share the different kinds of productivity strategies that exist, and how we can find the one that suits us best.

You’ll hear from Kiera Doyle (Human Design Specialist), Lacey Pruett (author of High-Performance Detox), and Emma Mills (founder of Mi PA) as they share insights on discovering your energetic blueprint, taking outsourcing tasks that don’t fulfill you and advice on letting go of habits that are keeping you from reaching your highest state of performance.


Who are Kiera Doyle, Lacey Pruett and Emma Mills?

Kiera Doyle is a Human Design expert and mentor, and has assisted numerous professionals and entrepreneurs in finding their most fulfilling career paths. As the creator of Meeting Your Magic, she is committed to helping dreamers, transformation-seekers, and lifelong learners reach their highest potential.

Lacey Pruett is an author (High-Performance Detox) and yoga teacher who is deeply passionate about health and high performance. She believes that nurturing the holistic self is essential for reaching one's highest potential.

Emma Mills founded and leads Mi PA (the largest provider of executive assistants in the UK) and has appeared on UK nationwide billboards and radio campaigns for the Department of Business.


Key Takeaways 

  • Understanding your energy type and biorhythm
  • What is Human Design?
  • The four different energy types
  • Embracing your masculine & feminine energy
  • How to creative with leveraging your time
  • Embracing daily mindful movement
  • What EAs and PAs can do for entrepreneurs
  • Creating a work/life balance that works for you


The Difference Between an EA and Admin


Mic Drop Moments

  • “Our Human Design is a blueprint of our energetic makeup. We all have a unique blueprint.” - Kiera Doyle
  • “The less I have in my calendar, the faster we move forward because I've got more energy, I'm a better leader, I'm more empathetic.” - Emma Mills
  • “You can’t be in a flow state all the time, because that’s the quickest way for your energy to just disappear.” - Lacey Pruett
  • “Delegate the things that just aren’t your strengths, because you’re not equipped to do it all yourself. If you try to do it all yourself and don’t delegate, it goes sideways.” - Lacey Pruett
  • “You don’t have to sacrifice to bring in abundance, you just have to think differently and shift your perspective.” - April Roberts
  • “We women were socialized to judge each other for so long, let’s let that go and celebrate our differences and different energies.” - April Roberts




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