056: How Understanding Trauma Can Change Your Life with Gurds Hundal

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Have you ever considered how the invisible threads of your ancestry and culture shape your reality?

 Welcome to another enlightening episode of The Vixen Voice, where we dive deep into the transformative power of addressing and healing ancestral and cultural trauma. Joining me today is special guest Gurds Hundal, a trauma coach, inner work expert, and the host of the Inner Light Project podcast. This episode explores the subtle and profound ways generational and societal traumas influence our lives, behaviors, and choices, especially for high-achieving, sensitive women.


Who is Gurds Hundal?

Gurds Hundal, based in the UK, is a renowned trauma coach and inner work specialist who empowers high achieving, sensitive women to overcome past traumas and embrace their full potential. With eight years of podcasting experience through her own show, the Inner Light Project, Gurds brings a wealth of knowledge, compassion, and insight to her clients and listeners alike.


Key Takeaways 

  • Discussions on the often misunderstood concept of trauma, highlighting that it's not always about dramatic events but can involve subtle, generational patterns that deeply affect our lives
  • How cultural background and ancestral experiences shape our behaviors, beliefs, and the challenges we face, particularly around themes like people-pleasing and setting boundaries
  • Gurds shares her journey and approach to helping clients identify and heal from deep-seated traumas, emphasizing the importance of inner child work, energy clearing, and establishing healthy boundaries
  • Hear about personal experiences with discovering and healing our own traumas, offering a few relatable insights



Mic Drop Moments

  • We all have trauma...it's just looking at it from within and discovering what's holding you back. – Gurds Hundal
  • The ability to say no is so important...it's about setting more graceful boundaries.– April Roberts
  • Once we heal all the patterns of ancestral, cultural, society, and familial trauma, then we can hold boundaries, then we can learn how to love ourselves.– Gurds Hundal




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