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045: Vixen Team Goals for 2024 with Lexee Cruz, Tashina Case and Bella Reversé

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Have you already set your goals for 2024? If not, you’ve still got time!

Today, I’m joined by Lexee Cruz, Tashina Case, and Bella Reversé who are the COO, Operations Manager, and Accounting Manager here at Vixen Gathering. We’re sharing our personal goals for this upcoming year, as well as a few things we’re hoping to let go of that no longer serve us.

If you’re still working on setting your new year’s goals, perhaps you’ll find some inspiration to get started with new ideas, new habits to try, places to visit, prioritizing your health, and protecting your time. Best wishes from our team at the Vixen Gathering for a year filled with personal growth, happiness and success!  

Key Takeaways 

  • Our 2024 personal goals
  • Focusing on one quarter at a time
  • Travel inspiration and bucket lists
  • Letting go of “wasted emotions”
  • Getting rid of what doesn’t serve you
  • Starting a new business chapter
  • Treating others how we want to be treated


Lexee Cruz on New Year Goals for 2024 



Mic Drop Moments

  • “One thing that we’re going to try to do and look forward to is to being well and healthy for a new year.” – Lexee Cruz
  • “When I do pray I do not feel as anxious or worry as much. I don’t feel stressed. Let go and give it to God, and you’ll feel so much better.” – Tashina Case
  • “Growing up, you could play outside until it was dark at night and there was no worry. Not even 5-10 years later, it’s completely changed. I’d love to see everyone become trustworthy again, so our kids can live the lives we could before.” – Bella Reversé
  • “Learn your capacity and start feeding back into yourself. It’s important to rest and repair.” – April Roberts


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