What's a Money Block? And How Can I Remove it?

Are you struggling to earn what you're worth? Do you have a hard time asking for your value? Do you experience guilt around money? You might be experiencing a money block–or a blocked third chakra.

Money blocks are like any other block in life. They keep you from doing what needs to get done or ascending to the next level in some area of your life.

Many of us are familiar with writer’s block because we all write something. Maybe not books, but how many emails do you write in a day? Or proposals? Or scopes of work? When you experience writer’s block, you know what you need to talk about and that you need to get it done, but for whatever reason, you can’t get your thoughts down on paper–at least not in a cohesive way. 

Money blocks are similar. You want to raise your hourly rate or ask for that raise, but something holds you back. Or, perhaps you want to purchase something that will help you get ahead or make life easier, but you feel guilty.

I had a money block when it came to asking clients to pay for my services. For all of my life, I was paid automatically. I never had to give someone a price for my services (or, someone else did that for me). When I became a coach and consultant, I suddenly had to ask my clients to pay me. I really wanted to help women make major life decisions, get ahead and transition quickly but I first had to ASK them to pay me. This was very difficult for me. In fact, I literally felt like the words could not come out of my mouth–it was like I would go mute when the conversation came around. I had to do some spiritual work to clear this energy. Getting through a money block is like building muscle. Even though I cleared the block, I still have to work at it every day to build this new muscle. But, if you don’t clear your block or even realize you have it, how can you work to build that money muscle?

What are Money Blocks, a Drill Down

For 15 years I served clients in the retirement planning industry (and still do, in a limited capacity). Part of my mission was to help people work through their money blocks. I often joked with my clients that it was my job to empower them to spend their money. This is typical for new retirees–they freak out because the paychecks are no longer coming and they have to transition how they think about money and actually pay themselves. So, I have been helping families transition their money mindset for a long time.  

I can share that in my experience, money blocks show up in many ways such as:

  • An inability to earn desired income (see this blog for more on that)
  • An inability to reach financial goals
  • Difficulty sleeping (due to financial worries)
  • Fights with your significant other over money
  • Refusing to make a budget or look at expenses even though you know you need to
  • Obsessing about money, but not doing anything when you overdraft or can’t pay a bill
  • Fear of spending money

I always recommend figuring out where your money blocks are coming from. This happens when you look at your money mindset, a process that I discussed in a previous blog. What do you think about money? What are your first memories of money? What positive and negative thoughts and feelings do you associate with money? 

To remove those blocks, you then need to:

  • Understand what your money blocks are and where they come from
  • Make a conscious effort to move into a mindset of abundance
  • Work toward raising your frequency (energy) about money so you can attract more of it
  • Build that muscle daily through action and resetting your mindset

 When I first did the exercises that I share during the Vixen Mastermind, they opened my mind to how the people around me, those that loved me and those closest to me were actually affecting my money mindset. The day that I did the exercises, I vowed to protect my money mindset, even from those who intended well! 

How to Relieve a Blocked Third Chakra

One eye-opening (and third chakra-opening;)) thing that I realized about money is that it’s just an exchange of energy. And, your attitude toward or frequency around money is energy that flows through you or can be blocked.

The main energy centers in our bodies are called chakras and they run from the top of the head to the base of the spine. Many believe that energy trapped in the third chakra can contribute to financial challenges in part. This is because when energy is stuck in the third chakra, it can lead to helplessness, insecurity, a lack of motivation to change your circumstance and a victim mentality.

If you find that you have a scarcity money mindset, which means that you either think you won’t make much money or there’s not enough money to go around, you may have blocked third chakra energy. That mindset is indicative of feelings of helplessness, victimization, or guilt around money.

The solar plexus chakra is in the space below your chest and above your navel. Several breathing exercises, visualizations, meditations and yoga poses can help relieve blocked third chakra energy. For example, you can sit quietly in meditation and imagine yourself breathing golden light into your solar plexus. As you breathe into it, picture that area expanding with each loving breath. 

Essential oils can also help relieve blocked chakras. Bergamot, rosemary and cedarwood are particularly effective for the solar plexus. 

Whatever your money mindset and your block, you can remove it. And doing so WILL help you live your best life, one with more abundance and love. 

Want to learn more about physical and emotional issues associated with each of your chakras? Click here

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