Why should I have a female business coach?

I recently had a client tell me about a man that came into her company’s office to attempt to get everyone in the office to attend a conference. She told me about the aggressive way he tried to convince them instead of approaching it holistically. She told him about being in my program and he said, “Oh… Well if it works for you…” 

Not the best feeling.

Another client told me that all the coaches she had worked with in the past spoke down to her in a condescending manner. 

So what gives? With the uptick of online coaches in recent years, it can be hard to find a coach that you can trust to give you the advice you need to hear. And if you’re in a male-dominated industry (which many of us are), you might feel pressured to speak to a coach that’s a man to increase your chances of success in your given industry…


Two Different Energies

Let’s face it; women operate differently from men. That’s no secret. But how do you perceive that notion?

Does it make you feel like maybe you’re better off operating in masculine energy during your working hours to “fit in” in your industry?

Let’s take my co-facilitator for The Vixen Mastermind as an example. She owns a leadership development and management consulting company. She works with senior executives, individual high performers, high performing teams, and even college and high school students. 

When she was working a corporate job, she was asked by the President of the North American sector of the company to help with a campaign to build a pipeline for females in leadership. When she asked what they were looking for, they said, “Make them like you.” (Which speaks a lot about how awesome she is, by the way.)

Upon further questioning to discern what they meant by that, they explained that the higher up women get in corporate ladders, they tend to become more masculine. And that often leads to a clash of egos between other team members who have high masculine energy. 

Let me be clear about one thing; we all have feminine energy, AND masculine energy. And there’s nothing wrong with operating in your masculine energy. I do it all the time. But learning to balance and use the two energies together is powerful.

So what am I getting at?

The point is that most of the feedback you’re probably being given is coming from traditional, masculine points of view. 

And one thing about women? We’re innovative. We offer a different perspective. A perspective that most men can’t begin to understand. 

A female business coach will not only have the ability to look at your business from a fresh perspective, but other areas of your life, too. Imagine this; you have a lot going on in your personal life. You have kids running around that you’re responsible for, and your parents are starting to age and they need a little more help. 
Common advice is that you need to separate these two things and operate in two different frames of mind when it comes to your business. But the truth is that both of these things are a part of your life, emotionally. And women get other women. We have that unique ability to make each other feel less alone in the struggles that we’re all experiencing. And when you’re operating positively in your day-to-day life, that energy is going to bleed over into your business. It’s an all-encompassing approach.

Most of us have tried separating our business and personal lives. But what if I told you that it’s not the answer most people tell you it is? I mean, think about why you started your business in the first place. 

It came from a desire (and it’s different for everyone), that probably stems from your core values. You wanted to help people. Your business grew from the seed of who you are as a person. How on earth does it make sense to try to separate yourself on a personal level from the very thing you’ve chosen as your purpose?

And that’s where you’ll see the stark difference between women and men as business coaches. Women tend to lean more purpose-driven. We understand the importance of your values to your business and who you are as a person; and because those core values drive most of the decisions you make (or they should), they’re going to inherently affect how you make decisions within your business. 


At the end of the day…

It’s a deeply personal decision on who you choose as a coach. I know that a lot of my clients have explicitly told me they chose to work with me because of my energy. And we’re all going to connect differently with people. But when you think about choosing your coach, here are some things to think about.

Energetic Difference

Men and women are just different; in the way we approach things, the way we think, and the way we operate. Women have that special ability to take a non-traditional approach to the problems you’re facing in your business. 

Woman to Woman

Women understand other women. And while entrepreneurship (especially as a woman) can feel lonely, another female entrepreneur is going to understand you and be able to guide you in a way that other coaches can’t, simply because of their unique experiences. 

Business-Life Balance

Women are incredibly purpose-driven. But have you ever heard that you should keep your business and personal life separate? Think about why you started. You probably chose your purpose because of what matters to you. Because of the things you value at your very core. Why on earth would you try to separate yourself from that?


Wondering if a female coach would be better for you and your business? Let’s chat. ;) In the spirit of giving, I’ve opened up a few spots on my calendar to chat about your goals, obstacles, and any other challenges unique to you.

The year is ending soon; let’s see if we’re a fit to enter the New Year together. 

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