086: Why Not? Embracing Opportunity with Cynthia Pensiero-DeFazio

086: Why Not? Embracing Opportunity with Cynthia Pensiero-DeFazio

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Have you ever had a desire to do something, but hold yourself back because you are unsure of what will come of it? In this episode, real estate agent and former 1996 Mrs. America, Cynthia Pensiero-DeFazio, joins the podcast to discuss embracing opportunities when they come. 

As Cynthia says, “why not, just go for it!” In a world where it is so easy to stay small, this conversation will open your eyes and heart to embracing opportunities. We discuss the importance of staying true to oneself, listening to inner guidance, and embracing joy and faith. 

Cynthia shares her journey from participating in and winning beauty pageants to building a successful real estate career, emphasizing the significance of community, collaboration, and balancing personal and professional life. 


They also touch on topics like the power of prayer, coping with empty nest syndrome, and the importance of gardening and nature in connecting with feminine energy.


Key Takeaways with Cynthia Pensiero-DeFazio

00:00 Introducing Cynthia Pensiero-DeFazio

03:34 Pivotal moments in Cynthia’s life that got her to where she is today 

10:58 Overcoming competitive environments and surrendering 

17:45 Establishing sustainable success through strong faith 

19:02 Knowing when to say No and establishing boundaries  

23:39 Community and Collaboration 

33:51 Why real estate really spoke to Cynthia, especially as a mom.  

39:22 Dealing with empty nest syndrome 


Who Is Cynthia Pensiero-Defazio? 

Cynthia is proud to be a multi-award-winning agent and Top Producer with her previous brokerage. She takes pride in caring for her clients as though they were her own family. She is proud to say that 98% of her business comes from referrals. She is blessed and honored! 

In 2018, Cynthia started a team. The Pensiero-DeFazio Team at Compass. The sole purpose of this was to serve her clients even more effectively. She hired a full-time licensed assistant, a closing coordinator, and a buyer specialist. 


Mic Drop Moments

“So often we get that kind of support and guidance from people. I like to call them "God winks.” - Cynthia Pensiero-DeFazio

“Anytime I am in nature I feel very feminine.” - Cynthia Pensiero-DeFazio

“I have found out that overall, across the board, women are supportive. They're encouraging. They want to see you do well. They want to see you succeed.” - Cynthia Pensiero-DeFazio

“There's no time like the present for doing something different, capturing your dream. Why not exactly try something new, step outside that box." - Cynthia Pensiero-DeFazio

“When I bring up the topic of surrender, there are a number of women who get triggered by that word because of maybe an experience they had in their life, or feel it's being at a lower power level than someone else. For me, it's exactly what you just talked about. I just trust that God's going to bring me the best outcome.” - April Roberts



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