094: Embracing Change At All Stages of Life: From Corporate America to Creative Freedom with Tara Agen

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It is never too late to achieve the life that you want to live. 

In this inspiring episode, we sit down with Tara Agen, CEO and Managing Partner of Flavored Layers LLC, to discuss her bold journey of leaving behind the stability of corporate America to follow her passion for art. Tara's story is a testament to the belief that it is never too late to pursue your dreams and reinvent yourself. She shares her decision-making process and the pivotal moments that led her to leave a successful corporate career to become an artist. Tara delves into her transition into the art world, the challenges she faced, and the fulfillment she found in embracing her creativity.

Whether you’re considering a career change, seeking inspiration to follow your passion, or looking to empower others, this episode is packed with valuable insights and motivation. Tune in to be inspired by Tara’s journey and discover how to embrace change and creativity in your own life!


Key Takeaways:

00:00 Introduction to Tara Eigen and Flavored Layers LLC

02:12 Transitioning from Corporate America to Pursuing Art

08:36 Juggling Multiple Projects and Embracing Retirement

11:53 Overcoming Fear and Taking Risks in Investments

28:01 Living in Feminine Energy and Embracing Creativity

31:47 Tara's Feminine Energy and Artistic Expression

34:04 Closing Remarks and Message of Gratitude


Who Is Tara Agen:

Tara J Agen is CEO and Managing Partner of FlavoredLayers LLC. The company’s intention is grounded in a quote by Buckminster Fuller, who inspired Tara and her Co-Founder, David Gutierrez, twenty-three years ago, to start the company focused on emerging music/musicians, art/artists, and agriculture innovation. “Why not make the world work for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation and without ecological damage or disadvantage to anyone.”

Tara earned her BA in Political Science from Regis College, Weston, MA, and Executive Finance and Digital Marketing Degrees from Columbia University Business School, NYC. She lives in Montgomery, TX with her husband, an entrepreneur, and is a

peloton biker, swimmer, Pilates advocate, and a lifelong collector of art, creator of art and creator of NFTs! Agen is an executive advisor to The Charles Group and serves as a Board of Advisor to M3 Placement & Partnership, Pocstock, TaskHuman and Blueverse. Tara will start her first year of art school in August 2024 at Pratt Institute to take her creativity to its next chapter.


Tara’s website: https://www.tarajagen.art/


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