Episode 92 with Bryce Batts

092: Niching Down, Hiring and Embracing Your Femininity in Male Dominated Industries with Bryce Batts


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One thing that I focus on in my life and coaching business is helping women design their career around your life. Living your life is the most important thing you can do for your health, happiness and overall success! In this episode I am speaking with a woman who has done just that. 

Bryce Batts, co-founder and chief matchmaker of Career Collective. We discuss why Bryce niched down to the AEC industry, hiring employees, remote work environments, aligning your calendar with your core values, and the importance of work-life balance. 

The conversation emphasizes the importance of collaboration over competition and creating a safe and transparent work environment, especially as women in male dominated industries!


Key Takeaways:

01:10 Who is Bryce Batts

06:22 The Journey of Scaling a Business

10:39 Challenges and Successes in Hiring

20:06 Balancing Work and Life in a Hybrid Work Environment

23:33 Personal Shifts and Priorities

27:17 Achieving Work-Life Balance: Aligning Your Calendar with Your Core Values

30:23 Time-Saving Hacks: Renting Clothes and Having Groceries Delivered

43:31 Building Strong Relationships in the Hiring Process

47:59 Embracing Ease and Fun in Work and Life

49:36 Recognizing and Appreciating the Good in Others


Who is Bryce Batts?

Bryce Batts has been a recruiter in the AEC industry for 15 + years and is a certified Career Coach. She met her husband in college, and they have two daughters and a Bernedoodle. She attended NC State University for her bachelor’s degree and received her MBA at Nova Southeastern. She was a college dancer and cheerleader and loves to cheer professionals on as they gain clarity and confidence when it comes to their career goals. She's the co-CEO of Career Collective, an AEC recruiting and coaching firm. Career Collective was founded with a Singular Vision: Providing Both Candidates and Employers with Premier Access to the Best in AEC Industry Opportunities.

Guided by Bryce Batts and Edwin Powali, Career Collective stands at the forefront of AEC recruitment. Bryce's passion for career coaching and Edwin's prowess in talent acquisition create a powerhouse duo, dedicated to enriching both the careers of individuals and the teams of employers they serve.


Inspirational Quotes:

"Picking the right job and designing your life around your dream job."

"The power of having a niche in the AEC industry."

"Collaboration over competition: building a strong team."

"If you put it on your calendar, you're gonna see that you're not gonna get A to Z done well to the degree."

"Your core values should be reflected in your calendar, just like your goals."

"Give yourself permission, take these breaks."



Bryce’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bryce-batts-recruiter/

Website: https://www.mycareercollective.com/

Wine After Work Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/wine-after-work/id1590870145


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