091: The Benefits of Joining a Mastermind or Attending a Retreat

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Have you thought about joining a business mastermind or attending a business retreat? This episode will answer your questions on if you should join a mastermind, how to find the right one, the benefits, and questions to ask before joining. 

In this episode, I am joined by Bex Wood and Jamie Duggan, two members of the Vixen Mastermind to discuss the value of masterminds and retreats. We talk about the benefits of being in a group setting, the importance of finding the right fit, and the power of leveraging each other's expertise. Bex and Jamie share their personal experiences with masterminds and offer advice on how to choose the right one. 


Key Takeaways:

00:00 Introduction of Bex and Jamie

03:03 The Value of Masterminds and Retreats

07:58 Finding the Right Fit

12:03 Leveraging Expertise in a Group Setting

15:02 Creating a Safe Space for Ideas

17:20 The Importance of Customized Advice and the Right Group Fit

19:45 The Benefits of In-Person Retreats

22:40 The Power of Connection, Empathy, and Support

24:02 Masterminds for Project Planning, Goal Setting, and Accountability

25:26 Creating a Safe Space for Frustrations and Support

26:46 Surrounding Yourself with Like-Minded Individuals

27:54 Building Community and Friendship in Entrepreneurship


Who is Bex Wood and Jamie Duggan?

Jaime Duggan is a devoted mother, spouse, and driven entrepreneur who understands the challenges of managing work, family, and personal wellness. She has a deep passion for holistic health and has committed herself to helping busy women like you harmonize their lives amidst the daily hustle.


Bex Wood is a photographer with a knack for capturing your true essence! Her journey into photography wasn't a direct path, as she spent nearly 15 years in legal operations management before discovering her creative purpose. Like many creatives, this purpose only unveiled itself after years of immersion in a different realm. Now, Bex uses her keen eye and vision to help clients, especially professional women age 30-65+, explore and express themselves through impeccable headshots that truly reflect their individuality.


Inspirational Quotes:

"A mastermind is a safe space for community."

"Leverage each other's expertise and knowledge."

"Be really careful with where you allow feedback in."

"Be careful where you get your advice."

"If you're not getting value from a group, you should be suspicious."

"In-person retreats are the best kind of business trip."



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