Optimizing in 2024

065: 3 Things I’m Focusing on and Optimizing in 2024

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In today’s solo episode, I will run through a few things I’ve learned so far this year and three things I will focus on and optimize to make this year successful.

If you’re a solopreneur or a business owner, perhaps this episode will resonate with you. And if it does, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you’re focusing on and improving this year.

You’ll hear me talk about surrendering to the things that are out of my control, how to keep sales and onboarding new clients as a priority and aligned with your mission, and the 3 things that I want to optimize, both personally and in my business, to grow our team and make 2024 a huge success.


 Key Takeaways 

  • The power of surrender and letting go of control
  • How solving one small problem can help solve other issues
  • Align your sales and onboarding strategies with business
  • Three things I’m optimizing for myself and at Vixen Gathering


Mic Drop Moments

  • “I have to do the work and focus on doing the work and focus on bringing value and focus on doing things exceptionally well. But I’m going to surrender the outcome. I’m not going to try to control the outcome.” - April Roberts
  • “Sometimes we don’t have to shoulder all of the burdens that we shoulder, and we can just release them and trust that the best thing is going to show up.” - April Roberts




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